Pure Imagination

For my 25th birthday, I decided I wanted to take some pictures. Like professional-quality pictures. The kind people take during senior year, or engagements, or when they are pregnant.

I've never had pictures like that before. I even worked for a photography studio for about six months and never took advantage of my discount to pose in front of cool backgrounds, jump up in the air, change outfits... express myself.

I figured turning 25 was just as good of an occasion as being a senior in high school, getting proposed to, or carrying a bundle of joy. Especially seeing as my 25th year looked like it was probably going to rocky. I mean, who doesn't need to feel like a model after losing their job and just feeling down on luck in general?

So, I asked my friend and budding photographer Precious to be my photographer and help capture me at 25. Here's the first picture I've been allowed to see. And I'm in love. Can't wait to see more (and don't worry, I'll share some of the amazing-ness with all of you here)!

Simply Precious Photography

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