I've been a member of Fictionpress since 2006--I joined shortly after finishing undergrad, when I was trying to figure out "what's next" and was often bored and lonely in Oklahoma. Mostly I spent my time reading and reviewing other people's work (primarily my friend Tatiana Moore), but occasionally I'd post my own stuff.

I haven't updated my FP account since 2008, but today I decided I'd use it to post any vignettes or short stories I end up writing over the next couple of months (or longer). I have so many books that offer writing prompts and exercises and stuff (plus, I often pick up more at the library). My plan has been to do at least one exercise/prompt a day. However, I won't post all of them.

I may also re-visit some of the novel-length projects I had been working on all those years ago. At least one of them is very important to me and I actually want to see completed. So we'll see what happens...

Today I posted two "chapters" in my new story titled "Vignettes & Shorts," which is where I plan to post some of my "one a day" pieces.

Taking a look at some of my other stuff, I think I might try submitting some of the stories in "Growing Up with Memories," for publication. On the day I took the RIASEC test, I also went through a Writer's Market and put together a pretty substantially list of markets I could probably break into. At the time, it was kind of daunting to think I'd have to begin thinking of fresh stories to write--especially since I feel I've been lacking on ideas for a while. BUT... going back to Fictionpress has made me realize I already have a lot of great material. Some of it just needs to be edited and re-worked a bit.

So... I'm excited. I'll keep you updated on how the submission process goes. And also how my writing plan goes, too!

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