Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stuff Nigerian People Like

One of the funniest websites ever! And so true!

You know you're Nigerian when...

100% Legal

Yesterday, I missed a call from what I thought was a friend from college (I recently synced my phone to Facebook, and for some reason this number is connected to her account or something weird like that). Today, "she" calls back and I pick up... except it wasn't my friend, it was the U.S. Immigration and Customs office calling to verify my legal status.

Apparently, someone had filed a complaint about me, and they were calling to do a phone interview. The conversation went something like this:

Man: Hi, may I speak to ...?
Me: This is she. 
Man: I'm calling from the U.S. Immigration and Customs office, and we have recieved some information suggests your status has changed. [there's a pause where I think, "OMG... what does unemployment have to do with immigration?!"] Are you here on a visa, or...?
Me: No, I'm a citizen. 
Man: Were you born here, or you're a naturalized citizen?
Me: I was born here... 
Man: And do you have a U.S. passport?
Me: Yes
Man: For how long?
Me: Well... since I was about seven, I guess...
Man: Okay, well I just need to confirm and verify this information. As of now, I feel satisfied with this interview, however, I may be calling you back to request that you come into the office here to show us your passport...

After the call ends, I'm kind of sitting in a weird daze thinking... WTH?!? What on earth would lead the immigration office to investigate me?!?!? I'm still in this daze when the phone rings again, and again my friend's bright smile pops up...

Again, it was the Man from Immigration instead of my friend (I checked my contact entry for her, and the number for her shows up as 972-000-0000; super weird). He has more questions... there is some confusion because on my Facebook account I have "Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Nigeria" as my hometown (which it theoretically is; both of my parents are from there). First my job, and now immigration issues...

 Hey Facebook, want to try and ruin my life in any other ways? 

I explain that I am first-generation American, but I was born here. And my entire family are citizens, or at least hold valid green cards. He goes on to assure me he's legit, give me a callback number in case I want to verify (which I do, and I get the Homeland Security Office in Irving, the Immigration and Customs investigation office), and tells me that he's just doing his job. He tries to assure me that he thinks this phone interview is enough to clear my name, however, I should be prepared to produce my U.S. passport if asked in the near future. 

I'm still trying to figure out why I'm being investigated and his response is that he's not allowed to tell me who, why, or how someone filed a complaint against me. But that  it could be from Facebook or something other social networking you have And that with the general attitude about immigrants these days, someone must have just been feeling a bit xenophobic about me.

Great... so now I elicit xenophobia in people. 

Beauty & The Beast

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a slight obsession with Disney. Anyone who knows me also knows I have an obsession with fairy tales. My obsession with both is probably what makes "Beauty & the Beast" one of my favorite movies (and definitely my favorite Disney animation).

It's being re-released on DVD on October 5th, and I can't wait!!! Won't be buying it, unless I land a second job (then it'll be my celebratory gift to myself), but... in honor of this release, theaters across the U.S. are doing sing-a-longs.

A friend and I went to the one yesterday, and on Saturday (Oct 2nd) at noon will be the second day they do this.

Can I just saying a sing-a-long in a theater is sooo much fun! I sing a long at home all the time, but something about a group of people watching a movie on the big screen, with the words being highlighted for you, and everyone singing and quoting the lines without anyone shushing... COMPLETE AWESOMENESS!!!

I took pictures... and some video...


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Job Opportunity

I got a call about a technical writing position!!! I missed the lady's call, and then she was out of the office by the time I called back, but I am PRAYING that this turns into a real opportunity for me!

It almost seems cruel to get a call and then it not pan out. Especially since I've been waiting for long for something, anything!

I've also applied to a lot of tutoring and teaching-type jobs... and I'm considering of doing a teaching practicum (kind of like student teaching) in the Spring so I can officially have my teaching certification. However, I can't decide what grade I should go for if I do go down that route. I've passed the English Language teaching test for grades 4-8 and 8-12; some days I think I'd like the 4th/5th grade range better, and other days I think fondly of my days in Honors and AP English and think I should go the high school route.

I'm still planning to take some online classes starting in October to give me some leverage for grant writing positions and educational writing positions--unless someone out there knows a better/different way for me to break into either or both industry?

And grad school is still on the table. Some applications, however, are due as early as December 15th. I've been "writing" both my personal statement and my writing samples in my head, but have yet to officially put them to paper. However, I've been reading a lot of books about writing... I'd like to believe I'm a good writer since I'm so passionate about it and it's something I've wanted to do as a career my entire life. However, deep down inside I seriously doubt myself. Ultimately, I want to put out my best or as close to my best as possible. A lot of the programs I'm looking at are super competitive, and most programs in general accept anywhere from two to 25 students each year... so even if they weren't super selective...

Anyway, if you do pray, please pray along with me about this tech writing position. And other jobs I've applied for over the last few weeks. If you don't pray... send good thoughts my way? Working at the YMCA has been fun, but... there's definitely quite the love-hate relationship there. This week alone, I've had two horror stories that involve poopie diapers... And when I say horror stories, I mean horror. But we'll save those for another blog.

I just need another job (or at least a second job) ASAP!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Philippians 4:6-7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hears and your minds in Christ Jesus. 
My last post sounded unhappy and ungrateful. Too things that I'm not... but I do have moments of despair, and that was one of them. In a much better place today. And decided to re-read this passage, which has been my mantra since the day I lost my job.

A great work of God is predicated by a humble attitude. And I have definitely been humbled. All I can do is pray, confess that I can't do it on my own, and completely surrender. So... I guess I just have to wait for that great work of God, huh?

Any time, Lord. Any time. :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Are You There, God?

Are you there, God? It's me... and I need to talk to You.

I'm tired of pretending that I'm okay. Because, honestly, I'm not. I'm far from okay.

I want to trust You so much... and I guess, deep down inside, I do. But I'm also scared. And so full of uncertainty. What is going to happen to me? What is this that You're doing to me?

When will I find a second part-time job, or find a full-time job, and be able to no longer worry about how rent and other bills will get paid? When will I be able to hold my head up high and proudly tell people what I do, instead of trying to make "Right now, I work part-time at the YMCA" sound like my absolute dream when at times it feels like a nightmare?

When will the shame of losing my job be left behind me? And when will I no longer feel this pit of despair inside me?

When will my smile be real again? And when will I be able to enjoy life again?

Are You there, God? It's me... and I'm so confused. I'm confused about when "all things work together for the good of those who love Him," will come to pass for me. I'm confused about how long I must "cast my cares" upon you...

Some days I want to scream from being so angry. Angry at myself. Angry at my old employer. Angry at my old co-workers. Angry at You.

Angry at the friends who mean well, but often just rub salt into my wounds with their attempts at encouragement. Angry at my parents, who are miles away, and call to check on me more than they ever have before--I guess suddenly I need to be checked on more. Now that I'm unstable, unsettled, unsecured ... and all alone.

But really, God, I'm just sad. Sad to see dreams slip from my fingers. Sad that I have nothing to offer anyone. Sad that I feel so desperate. So sad that I'm drowning in my own sorrow and becoming more lost in my despair.

Are you there, God? It's me... and I need You.



Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another one of Ebonii's 25 for 25

Another v-blog from Ebs. This one I thought was pretty cute! It's Video 5 in her Quest to Meet J-Lo. All I can say is shame on Tiffani for not helping out her cousin!

So close, yet so far!

Friday, September 24, 2010


I've been a member of Fictionpress since 2006--I joined shortly after finishing undergrad, when I was trying to figure out "what's next" and was often bored and lonely in Oklahoma. Mostly I spent my time reading and reviewing other people's work (primarily my friend Tatiana Moore), but occasionally I'd post my own stuff.

I haven't updated my FP account since 2008, but today I decided I'd use it to post any vignettes or short stories I end up writing over the next couple of months (or longer). I have so many books that offer writing prompts and exercises and stuff (plus, I often pick up more at the library). My plan has been to do at least one exercise/prompt a day. However, I won't post all of them.

I may also re-visit some of the novel-length projects I had been working on all those years ago. At least one of them is very important to me and I actually want to see completed. So we'll see what happens...

Today I posted two "chapters" in my new story titled "Vignettes & Shorts," which is where I plan to post some of my "one a day" pieces.

Taking a look at some of my other stuff, I think I might try submitting some of the stories in "Growing Up with Memories," for publication. On the day I took the RIASEC test, I also went through a Writer's Market and put together a pretty substantially list of markets I could probably break into. At the time, it was kind of daunting to think I'd have to begin thinking of fresh stories to write--especially since I feel I've been lacking on ideas for a while. BUT... going back to Fictionpress has made me realize I already have a lot of great material. Some of it just needs to be edited and re-worked a bit.

So... I'm excited. I'll keep you updated on how the submission process goes. And also how my writing plan goes, too!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ideas, Plans & Projects

I am the ultimate slacker. Or at least, I think that I am. I've had so many plans and goals and ideas and projects... and haven't made a move on any of them. My excuse is that after running after a bunch of kids for four hours each day, I'm beyond exhausted to begin evening thinking about anything besides taking a nap and vegging out in front of the TV. Today, for instance, I came home, watched the end of The Rookie, ate some left over pizza, finished reading "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" (first time, and a very good read!), and then proceeded to take five or six hour nap.

Tomorrow was supposed to be my day off, and I envisioned I'd begin on something useful. But then I noticed missed calls on my phone, which turned out to be a co-worker wanting me to work for her tomorrow. So now I'm working form 1-5pm. And since I most likely won't even get out of bed before 9am... my day is shot. (Not really, but if I follow my current trend, nothing useful will happen.)

Why am I sabotaging my own success? For anything great to even begin happening in my life, I can't just sit around and wait for it. I actually have to do something!

Here are some things on my "do something" list. Maybe if I put them out there, someone will try and hold me accountable? (Or I'll feel guilty and begin to hold myself accountable.)

  • Take a picture a day: I recently got an SLR camera, and have been interested in photography for a long time. In order to improve, I have to practice. So it's been in my plan to go out and just take some shots each day--even if it only turns out to be one. I do take pictures, but so far it's been just to take pictures versus practicing photography. 
  • Research MFA programs: I have a list of the Top 50, and it's been my plan to go through all 50 and single out 10 or so that I might want to apply to. I've looked at the list randomly a few time (once to see if there were any in Texas [UT] and another time to see if UVA was on the list [it is]), but no research has commenced. 
  • Write a page a day: I have been lamenting about how I feel I've lost my "creative edge" and all my writing has been solely work-related and practical and journalistic. And I miss just creating and imagining things. So, I had planned to use all the writing books I bought over the years to actually write. Even if it was just a page a day. Pick an exercise/prompt and just run with with it. That decision was made in mid-August, and I've officially written two vignettes and nothing longer. 
  • Submit my Rainbow Town Story for publication: I wrote a story about The Shine Foundation and Rainbow Town while I was working for The Norman Transcript some years ago. This family has fascinated me, and the story they are so dedicated to tell has fascinated me even more. So... I wrote a piece on them for my Magazine Writing class in graduate school. I've been planning to get it published (although a lot of re-writing is in order, I'm sure) and have been planning to submit query letters to places. I haven't even begun a draft of my query letter. 
  • Look for freelancing opportunities: This doesn't need any explaining or details. I only have a part-time job, have the time to freelance, and need the money in order to survive. You'd think I'd be extremely serious about this one seeing as my rent is due in about two weeks (or really, one week) and I'm not entirely sure how I'm paying for it! 
I think those are the big ones. That are job/career related anyway. I do have personal goals I've been slacking on too. But I'll save those for another blog. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pure Imagination

For my 25th birthday, I decided I wanted to take some pictures. Like professional-quality pictures. The kind people take during senior year, or engagements, or when they are pregnant.

I've never had pictures like that before. I even worked for a photography studio for about six months and never took advantage of my discount to pose in front of cool backgrounds, jump up in the air, change outfits... express myself.

I figured turning 25 was just as good of an occasion as being a senior in high school, getting proposed to, or carrying a bundle of joy. Especially seeing as my 25th year looked like it was probably going to rocky. I mean, who doesn't need to feel like a model after losing their job and just feeling down on luck in general?

So, I asked my friend and budding photographer Precious to be my photographer and help capture me at 25. Here's the first picture I've been allowed to see. And I'm in love. Can't wait to see more (and don't worry, I'll share some of the amazing-ness with all of you here)!

Simply Precious Photography

Monday, September 20, 2010

Imaginary Mommy

Anyone who knows me knows that I love kids. They are such a joy to be around. And everything in their world is so cute and whimsical! And anyone who knows me also knows that I love whimsical. :)

I'm quite a ways away from being a mom myself, but I think about it all the time. Not in a weird "my eggs are rotting" way, but just in a blithesome anticipation of how much fun it'll be. Or at least how much fun I can have being a mom (don't worry, I'm under no delusions that it's easy).

Occasionally I've come across some extremely cute "Mommy Blogs" that have made me go... "I want to do something like that..." Here are two of my most recent findings. (And even if you're not interested, I'm posting them here so I can always come back to this post when I do have kids one day.)

1. Another Lunch: This mom has a blast making her kids lunches as fun as possible. Some of them just look too cute to even eat! She also offers how-to's and tips, so you can make fun lunches for your kids, too!

2. Mila's Daydreams: I am in LOVE with this blog. Each post is a picture of lil' Mila asleep. But not in her crib, or on a blanket. We get to see her in her dreams. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Abstract Me

I've made a pact to myself to have at least one moment of creativity each day. I generally equated creativity with writing... just because that's what I assume I'm good at. And I guess it's also what I've been struggling with lately. But I've also begun dabbling in photography, and I've been trying to improve my skills on the piano and vocally, and learn the guitar. But mainly, my focus has been writing.  Keeping this blog was supposed to be a way to force myself to write as much as possible.

But today, while volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, a group called Sip 'n' Doodle came out, and I got to paint. And it was sooo much fun! And kind of relaxing. My friend Abbe has told me about Pinot and Picasso in Houston, and I thought it was a cool concept. So I was kind of glad to test it out .. for free, too! :)

I will say that I discovered that I'm highly critical of myself. And while everyone else raved about my creation and thought it was really good. I couldn't help and think that it could look better. More professional. Lovely. To me... I saw paint splatters and not the beautiful abstract creation everyone else saw.

Although, I will say it's grown on me.

I wonder if the same holds true with my writing?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ebonii's 25 for 25 and Quest to get on Oprah

I've known Ebonii ever since we both ended up in Mr. Roberts' high school World History class together. We probably both should have been in the Honors version or something, because we were bored out of our mind and spent most of the hour and thirty minutes playing card games. Egyptian Rat Screw, Speed, Double Solitaire (which I've forgotten how to play! You'll have to re-teach me, Ebs!).

One thing about Ebonii that makes her Ebonii is her obsession with Jennifer Lopez. And I seriously do mean obsession. She owns (and has liked) every JLo movie (I believe the exception is Gigli, which I don't think anyone liked). She has purchased every JLo CD. Been to as many concerts as she can afford (I think she spent like $200 on tickets once). Likes her clothes, perfumes... you get the picture. It's been Ebonii's dream to meet her "idol" at some point in life. And she's hoping this year, will be the year.


Because this is the year Ebonii turns 25, and this is the beginning of Oprah's 25th (and final) year. Oprah's all about making dreams come true, so Ebs has created a video blog dubbed "25 for 25" with the hope it'll catch the attention of The Oprah Show.

Being the good friend that I am, I've decided to help promote Ebs' 25 for 25. Plus... I think it's a pretty cool endeavor. Personally, I'm not a fan of Oprah--I think she's a good person, and has a good heart. But... I think people follow and believe in her like she's God. And the amount of power she has over people's decisions, lives, everything is just a little bit scary to me.

Having said that, if Oprah decided to do a show honoring us quarter-centenarians, and helping to make our dreams come true (from meeting JLo to just landing a dream job), I definitely would not turn down the opportunity if I got the invite. 

Anyway, here's Ebonii's plea, followed by the introduction to her "25 for 25."

Being that you all have been a part of my life throughout my fanaticism, I know you know that I've been making (unsuccessful) attempts to appear on the Oprah show and meet Jennifer Lopez. ... I have decided to use my video making skills and begin a 25-part video blog where I chronicle my life and times as a JLo fan and work to create a "buzz" so that this dream can become a reality. Below you will find the link to what I am calling 25 for 25. Please go there. View it, or don't view it...but make it look like you're viewing it so I can get like tons of views (I hope that makes some sense). Um yeah...please note this is only 1 of 25....and the others will be coming with the fierceness.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to School...

In 2006, I got my bachelor's degree. In 2008, I finished my master's. Two-thousand and nine? Spent three months in an alternative teaching certification course. And now in 2010, I'm thinking I went about this whole education thing the wrong way and need even more school.

To be fair, I don't think any of my degrees, or classes, have been useless. I believe ultimately they will all play a role in what I do long-term in life and each class was training to help me succeed. But I also feel like none of it has geared me for what I really want to do... especially since I'm feeling a little confused on that myself.

Right now I'm on the fence about going after my MFA in Creative Writing or not. If you asked me what I wanted to be when I was five-year-old, I probably would have said Anne of Green Gables. Something about red hair, green-grey eyes, and being a quirky Canadian sounded ideal to me. I no longer want to be Anne--or at least not literally.

I've always wanted to be a writer. As a child, that translated to author. In high school, I got introduced to the idea of journalism. And that sounded like a much more achievable profession, especially since some writers never become published authors until they are old, or dead. So, I got my bachelor's and master's in journalism. And I enjoyed it--a lot. But I'm not sure if I love it.

I mean, I dream about being the next Chimamanda Adichie so much more than I do the next Nick Kristof or Christiane Amanpour.

And while I work towards that aspiration, I could at least teach creative writing... something I can't do without an MFA. (I can teach journalism in community colleges with my master's, but definitely don't want to do that.)

If I do choose to do the MFA, I wouldn't start until next fall so I'm still kind of exploring my options and stuff BUT I do want to take some creative writing classes to kind of "get my butt in gear." Unfortunately I came to this conclusion a little late, and most continuing education classes have already started at all the community colleges around here. But I've found three possibilities, which I'm excited about. And then there are online classes, too! And online there are grant writing classes, creating K-12 educational materials, non-profit management, publishing courses, photography... oh, the places I could go!

 Maybe I should attempt to be a professional student?

Apparently I have a pretty useless Work Personality

Earlier today I decided to be a bit more productive than I usually am after my 4-hour stint at my part-time job and made my way to the bookstore hoping to find some "direction." Ever since I lost my magazine job (and to be honest, even a few months before then), I've been feeling a bit jaded and confused. I'm suddenly wondering if what I always wanted to do with my life is what I'm supposed to be doing, and asking myself if the profession I've always dreamed of pursing since I was about five-years-old is really for me. What if I'm honestly just no good at it? What if I just thought I was?

I had one day left on my "birthday gift" from Borders (I got a free raspberry-lemony iced tea!), so it seemed like the place to be. In the reference section, I grabbed a Writer's Market hoping to discover a few new avenues and alleys I never thought to walk down before. In the job section, I found "Fired to Hired," which I embarrassingly picked up, thankful that I'm black and no one could see the shameful blush that rushed into my face. I felt so disgraced and exposed sitting in the cafe, sipping my tea, holding this book who's title was written in big, bold, RED letters. (Can I just say, I did end up buying the book... although I might return it, or sell it to Half-Priced Books when I'm done. Not sure if I want anyone to ever see that title peeking out of my bookshelves.) A book that was supposed to offer "job options for the creative mind" proved to be rather useless. None of the jobs sounded remotely creative. Or like anything I would ever want to do. And then I found a somewhat large tome: "Match Your Career to Your Personality."

Honestly not sure if that was the title, but that is what it promised to help me do. I was thrilled! I assumed that not only would this book prove to me that I am meant to be a writer, journalist, editor, or something along those lines, but here was the possibility of also being guided to careers options I may have been blinded to.

What's that saying about assuming this, again? Yeah... let's just say I was wrong. Instead I discovered that my personality type is apparently relatively useless. I mean, I'm sure there are jobs out there that fit my personality, but they do not pay well, have the fastest growth, or the most openings. Out of the "top 50 jobs" listed under my personality type only two was a perfect (or close to perfect match)--Broadcast News Analyst. Which... I guess is in journalism, so I'm obviously not too far off track. But the description kind of made me cringe. For one, while I majored in journalism, I'm not exactly a new junkie. Instead I'm an information junkie. Similar, but not the same thing. To be a news analyst, I'd have to be a news junkie. Also... I am so far from being a fan of broadcast. There are some appealing qualities to the format, but.... Let's just say Broadcast News Analyst didn't exactly excite me. 

The other profession was Interpreter and Translator (which was a perfect match). The only problem is the only other language I kind of know is Sign Language... which I could be good at, and I did take 2 whole years of. Except I am soo far from being fluent. And I guess I do understand Yoruba, and can speak it on a very basic level. (Note to self: begin practicing your Sign Language and improve your Yoruba skills.)

Apparently I'm not the right personality type to be a writer or author, a technical writer, an editor, a photographer, and interior designer, a graphic designer, film and video editor, fine artist... oh the list goes on and on. 

If you haven't been able to tell by the jobs I'm listing, my primary personality type was Artistic (A). This means I like work that deals with the artistic side of things, like forms, design and patterns. I like self-expression in my work and prefer a setting where work can be done without following a clear set of rules.

My secondary personality was Social (S). This means I like work that assists others, promotes learning and personal development. I prefer to communicate more than work with objects or machines or data. And I like to teach, give advice, help and/or be of service to people. 

Technically, your work personality should have 3 components, but I scored so low on the other four components [(Realistic (R), Investigative (I), Conventional (C) and Enterprising (E)] that I could only claim two letters. I mean, I scored a 1 out of a possible 30 in the R department! 

So, I am an SA. And out of the Top 50 jobs that means I'm suited to be a translator/interpreter and that alone. Broadcast News Analyst is an SAE (and Enterprising was my third highest score, although it was just a 5 out of 30, so...)

Most of the other top artistic personality jobs (like writer, editor, etc.) all were like AEI, AER, AR, ARE, AEC.

So... if this RIASEC Personality Test is to be trusted... I don't have a lot of options for complete happiness or success when it comes to my career in life. I left Borders slightly depressed, and ended up buying four books (including "Fired to Hired") as a weak attempt to cheer myself up.

The books didn't work... but I will say my family and friends did. After my discovery, I immediately texted my sisters and a few choice friends. And while I headed home and wallowed in self-pity, singing "Woe is Me," I got texts from friends saying things like, "You can never trust those things!" "Take another test and I'm sure it'll say something entirely different!" "It's just a BOOK! What does it know?" 

And then my sister sent this text: "Well... I guess you just have to trust God more." 

And honestly, who can argue with that? I may have a useless work personality... but God created that personality. So I guess I do just have to trust that He knew what He was doing. And there is some career path out there that will fit my Artistic-Social-ness perfectly. 

Can't wait till He reveals what that will be! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thanks for the Memories

We've all heard tales of people claiming to have new talents, new tastes, new skills, and new memories after receiving a transplant. Almost as if by giving a piece of yourself to another, they really do gain a part of ... you. But what if this exchange could take place with something as simple as a blood transfusion? I donate blood today, and tomorrow some person in dire need receives it and poof! Suddenly they have vivid memories of me and my life.

Sounds crazy, right?

When I first picked up Cecelia Ahern's "Thanks for the Memories," that's exactly what I thought. But the idea intrigued me--to be connected to someone through blood. And as I've read all of her books and loved them all, I'd grown accustomed to being led through a story where extraordinary things happen to ordinary people living ordinary lives. It's probably what's best about Ahern's writing, especially in this book.

Here lies a story of a thirty-something-year-old Irish woman named Joyce who falls down the stairs and as a result loses her baby. Here lies a story of a man named Justin, deathly afraid of needles, but mans up to donate some blood in order to get a date with the doctor drawing it. She's a Realtor, he's an art lecture/curator/expert. She's on the brink of a divorce, he's already had one. Two perfectly normal people, with perfectly normal stories ... until this blood transfusion. Then these two ordinary lives begin an extraordinary journey as they re-discover themselves and eventually discover each other.

One of the fun things about "Thanks for the Memories" is that Ahern never pretends that knowing someone you've never met and having new abilities is normal. Throughout the book Joyce is sure she is losing her mind as randomly blurts out foreign languages, suddenly likes red mean, and knows more about art and architecture than she ever cared to know. And Justin is just as confused as to how someone knows he saved their live by donating blood... and why they are so keen on thanking him with muffin baskets, tickets to the opera, and picking up his dry cleaning. Knowing that the whole premise is bizarre and having the characters agree with you makes you feel like it just almost, possibly, by some slight chance be less of a "what if" and more of a reality.

"Thanks for the Memories" is a story about loss, love, and the hope found in second chances. How one's life can change another's. And how magical moments often happen at life's crossroads.

Basically, I loved it! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

On the Brink of a Quarter-Life Crisis

Two weeks ago, I turned 25. It should have been a fabulous day, but turning a quarter of a century was far from what I had imagined it'd be.

Ten years ago, I thought by 25 I'd be married to a tall, dark and handsome man; living in a cute town home or flat in a cool, hip city; navigating my way through an amazing career as an author, or at least an assistant editor... Basically I didn't think I'd be a loser. And let's face it... currently that's kind of what I am.

I have my masters, and I work part-time taking care of other people's children, who can be very precious, but also very snotty. I am very, very single--the guys I want to be interested in me don't even want to be friends, and the ones I don't are borderline stalking me through Skype, Facebook, Twitter and/or MySpace. I do live in a pretty cute and cozy apartment in a somewhat hip part of the city... except without a full-time job, I really can't afford it anymore and could easily be losing it.

But I can't say this 25th year has been sooo horrible. I serve a great God, and currently go to a great church where I am learning to lean on God more and more and ultimately seek to glorify Him. I'm surrounded by amazing family and friends, who have already begun making some of the best memories for me. And since I'm kind of a standstill in my career... I kind of have a wealth of opportunities to pursue.

... which is the point of this blog. It's simply a chance to explore the things I'm passionate about. Explore who I am now that I'm at this crossroads. And maybe, along the way, find some direction. There are five things I'm passionate about: Christ, reading, writing, children, and Art & Culture (yes, they count as one). So if you're brave enough to join me on this journey, you'll get a taste of each and possibly a bit more.

I can't promise it'll be interesting. But I'm pretty sure it won't be boring ;)
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