Imaginary Mommy

Anyone who knows me knows that I love kids. They are such a joy to be around. And everything in their world is so cute and whimsical! And anyone who knows me also knows that I love whimsical. :)

I'm quite a ways away from being a mom myself, but I think about it all the time. Not in a weird "my eggs are rotting" way, but just in a blithesome anticipation of how much fun it'll be. Or at least how much fun I can have being a mom (don't worry, I'm under no delusions that it's easy).

Occasionally I've come across some extremely cute "Mommy Blogs" that have made me go... "I want to do something like that..." Here are two of my most recent findings. (And even if you're not interested, I'm posting them here so I can always come back to this post when I do have kids one day.)

1. Another Lunch: This mom has a blast making her kids lunches as fun as possible. Some of them just look too cute to even eat! She also offers how-to's and tips, so you can make fun lunches for your kids, too!

2. Mila's Daydreams: I am in LOVE with this blog. Each post is a picture of lil' Mila asleep. But not in her crib, or on a blanket. We get to see her in her dreams. 

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