On the Brink of a Quarter-Life Crisis

Two weeks ago, I turned 25. It should have been a fabulous day, but turning a quarter of a century was far from what I had imagined it'd be.

Ten years ago, I thought by 25 I'd be married to a tall, dark and handsome man; living in a cute town home or flat in a cool, hip city; navigating my way through an amazing career as an author, or at least an assistant editor... Basically I didn't think I'd be a loser. And let's face it... currently that's kind of what I am.

I have my masters, and I work part-time taking care of other people's children, who can be very precious, but also very snotty. I am very, very single--the guys I want to be interested in me don't even want to be friends, and the ones I don't are borderline stalking me through Skype, Facebook, Twitter and/or MySpace. I do live in a pretty cute and cozy apartment in a somewhat hip part of the city... except without a full-time job, I really can't afford it anymore and could easily be losing it.

But I can't say this 25th year has been sooo horrible. I serve a great God, and currently go to a great church where I am learning to lean on God more and more and ultimately seek to glorify Him. I'm surrounded by amazing family and friends, who have already begun making some of the best memories for me. And since I'm kind of a standstill in my career... I kind of have a wealth of opportunities to pursue.

... which is the point of this blog. It's simply a chance to explore the things I'm passionate about. Explore who I am now that I'm at this crossroads. And maybe, along the way, find some direction. There are five things I'm passionate about: Christ, reading, writing, children, and Art & Culture (yes, they count as one). So if you're brave enough to join me on this journey, you'll get a taste of each and possibly a bit more.

I can't promise it'll be interesting. But I'm pretty sure it won't be boring ;)

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