Job Opportunity

I got a call about a technical writing position!!! I missed the lady's call, and then she was out of the office by the time I called back, but I am PRAYING that this turns into a real opportunity for me!

It almost seems cruel to get a call and then it not pan out. Especially since I've been waiting for long for something, anything!

I've also applied to a lot of tutoring and teaching-type jobs... and I'm considering of doing a teaching practicum (kind of like student teaching) in the Spring so I can officially have my teaching certification. However, I can't decide what grade I should go for if I do go down that route. I've passed the English Language teaching test for grades 4-8 and 8-12; some days I think I'd like the 4th/5th grade range better, and other days I think fondly of my days in Honors and AP English and think I should go the high school route.

I'm still planning to take some online classes starting in October to give me some leverage for grant writing positions and educational writing positions--unless someone out there knows a better/different way for me to break into either or both industry?

And grad school is still on the table. Some applications, however, are due as early as December 15th. I've been "writing" both my personal statement and my writing samples in my head, but have yet to officially put them to paper. However, I've been reading a lot of books about writing... I'd like to believe I'm a good writer since I'm so passionate about it and it's something I've wanted to do as a career my entire life. However, deep down inside I seriously doubt myself. Ultimately, I want to put out my best or as close to my best as possible. A lot of the programs I'm looking at are super competitive, and most programs in general accept anywhere from two to 25 students each year... so even if they weren't super selective...

Anyway, if you do pray, please pray along with me about this tech writing position. And other jobs I've applied for over the last few weeks. If you don't pray... send good thoughts my way? Working at the YMCA has been fun, but... there's definitely quite the love-hate relationship there. This week alone, I've had two horror stories that involve poopie diapers... And when I say horror stories, I mean horror. But we'll save those for another blog.

I just need another job (or at least a second job) ASAP!

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  1. Add possible job as a tutor to that list! I have an interview tomorrow. YMCA in the mornings, tutoring in the afternoon and evenings... I could live with that while I figure out "what's next."