Beauty & The Beast

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a slight obsession with Disney. Anyone who knows me also knows I have an obsession with fairy tales. My obsession with both is probably what makes "Beauty & the Beast" one of my favorite movies (and definitely my favorite Disney animation).

It's being re-released on DVD on October 5th, and I can't wait!!! Won't be buying it, unless I land a second job (then it'll be my celebratory gift to myself), but... in honor of this release, theaters across the U.S. are doing sing-a-longs.

A friend and I went to the one yesterday, and on Saturday (Oct 2nd) at noon will be the second day they do this.

Can I just saying a sing-a-long in a theater is sooo much fun! I sing a long at home all the time, but something about a group of people watching a movie on the big screen, with the words being highlighted for you, and everyone singing and quoting the lines without anyone shushing... COMPLETE AWESOMENESS!!!

I took pictures... and some video...


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