Ebonii's 25 for 25 and Quest to get on Oprah

I've known Ebonii ever since we both ended up in Mr. Roberts' high school World History class together. We probably both should have been in the Honors version or something, because we were bored out of our mind and spent most of the hour and thirty minutes playing card games. Egyptian Rat Screw, Speed, Double Solitaire (which I've forgotten how to play! You'll have to re-teach me, Ebs!).

One thing about Ebonii that makes her Ebonii is her obsession with Jennifer Lopez. And I seriously do mean obsession. She owns (and has liked) every JLo movie (I believe the exception is Gigli, which I don't think anyone liked). She has purchased every JLo CD. Been to as many concerts as she can afford (I think she spent like $200 on tickets once). Likes her clothes, perfumes... you get the picture. It's been Ebonii's dream to meet her "idol" at some point in life. And she's hoping this year, will be the year.


Because this is the year Ebonii turns 25, and this is the beginning of Oprah's 25th (and final) year. Oprah's all about making dreams come true, so Ebs has created a video blog dubbed "25 for 25" with the hope it'll catch the attention of The Oprah Show.

Being the good friend that I am, I've decided to help promote Ebs' 25 for 25. Plus... I think it's a pretty cool endeavor. Personally, I'm not a fan of Oprah--I think she's a good person, and has a good heart. But... I think people follow and believe in her like she's God. And the amount of power she has over people's decisions, lives, everything is just a little bit scary to me.

Having said that, if Oprah decided to do a show honoring us quarter-centenarians, and helping to make our dreams come true (from meeting JLo to just landing a dream job), I definitely would not turn down the opportunity if I got the invite. 

Anyway, here's Ebonii's plea, followed by the introduction to her "25 for 25."

Being that you all have been a part of my life throughout my fanaticism, I know you know that I've been making (unsuccessful) attempts to appear on the Oprah show and meet Jennifer Lopez. ... I have decided to use my video making skills and begin a 25-part video blog where I chronicle my life and times as a JLo fan and work to create a "buzz" so that this dream can become a reality. Below you will find the link to what I am calling 25 for 25. Please go there. View it, or don't view it...but make it look like you're viewing it so I can get like tons of views (I hope that makes some sense). Um yeah...please note this is only 1 of 25....and the others will be coming with the fierceness.

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