Abstract Me

I've made a pact to myself to have at least one moment of creativity each day. I generally equated creativity with writing... just because that's what I assume I'm good at. And I guess it's also what I've been struggling with lately. But I've also begun dabbling in photography, and I've been trying to improve my skills on the piano and vocally, and learn the guitar. But mainly, my focus has been writing.  Keeping this blog was supposed to be a way to force myself to write as much as possible.

But today, while volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, a group called Sip 'n' Doodle came out, and I got to paint. And it was sooo much fun! And kind of relaxing. My friend Abbe has told me about Pinot and Picasso in Houston, and I thought it was a cool concept. So I was kind of glad to test it out .. for free, too! :)

I will say that I discovered that I'm highly critical of myself. And while everyone else raved about my creation and thought it was really good. I couldn't help and think that it could look better. More professional. Lovely. To me... I saw paint splatters and not the beautiful abstract creation everyone else saw.

Although, I will say it's grown on me.

I wonder if the same holds true with my writing?

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