This Year, I Will...

So, while playing around online, I ran into this New Year's Resolution Generator. As I mentioned earlier, I don't actually make resolutions, but I thought it'd be fun anyway.

The resolutions generated for me included:

  • Learn to cope. (This one I'll take; there's a lot in my life I need to cope with. Better start learning how to.)
  • Eat a whole tomato like an apple. (No way. I hate tomatoes. I pick them out of sandwiches and salads, etc. No way will I force myself to eat one.)
  • Laugh a lot. (I can do that!)
  • Whistle. (Hmmm... can I just sing? That's already on my things to do more of this year.)
  • Realize none of us are strangers. (Not even sure how this one actual makes sense. Sorry. I have a lot of "friends," but ultimately most of them are strangers to who I truly am. But I guess there is that whole thing about the universality of humanity.)
  • Skip. (This I already do. Often. Hehe.)
  • Reuse. (Working on this... through the Yes! No Impact Week.)
  • Bake cookies from scratch. (This could be fun!) 
  • Solve the Rubik's Cube. (I'd have to go buy one...)
  • Travel. (This I would love. Now if someone can provide the income for me to do this.)
  • Go cloud watching [and find an animal or two]. (That sounds so relaxing.)
  • Reduce (similar to Reuse, yeah?) 
  • Create! Create! Create! (This I will plan to do with complete abandon.)
I could go on and on and on. It's actually kind of fun to play with. What resolutions did the site generate for you?

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