Alive and Well

Whatever I had this past Thursday didn't kill me! Most of the horror passed by Friday afternoon (yes, I took a sick day), and by Sunday I felt about 90% well. Now I'm just tired...

I have like five schedules I'm trying to juggle and keep from colliding into each other and overwhelming me. There's the student teaching, there's the school itself, there's church stuff, there's tutoring, and then there's the I-just-want-to-have-fun stuff. So far, so good... but it definitely makes for some long days.

And then two opportunities to make some money were presented to me... and can I do them? Nope! (Well, definitely not one of them because of student teaching, and I could maybe do the other one... but it'd be another schedule to juggle with the rest!)

Mostly I think I'm tired and overwhelmed because I've been a bum for the last six months and I'm not used to working eight-hour days anymore. Nor have I had to wake up by 6 a.m. since like high school. Even when I worked full-time, I was rarely up before 8 a.m.! 

Hopefully I'm able to fall into a nice little rhythm soon.

Right now I have moments where I think my body is going to give out on me.

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  1. I totally think it's going from a more relaxed schedule to working 8 hours a day (give or take)! Plus, you have been sick. Just give yourself a little time to catch up on sleep. :)