So this one time, my battery died.

I had a good friend come visit me in Chicago. I was really excited about this visit, and although this friend was renting a car for the weekend, I decided that I'd go meet this friend at the airport. But, while on the train from Evanston to O'Hare, my cell phone battery died. And I didn't have coins on me to use the pay phone. And even if I did... I just couldn't remember my friend's phone number! (I have a VERY bad memory when it comes to numbers, I can get the first six, but those last four always evade me.)

Cool part about this story is that I met Sabra, Season 3 winner of So You Think You Can Dance, and asked to use her cell phone. She said no. But her friend let me use his to check my voice mail (where I was positive my friend had left a message where I could glean the appropriate phone number from). While it was cool and all, it was also a total bust. Because 1) I was too embarrassed to ask for a photograph, even though I had my camera with me (and it's batteries were not dead!) and 2) Sabra's friend's phone had horrible service and I couldn't make out anything in my voice mail besides every other word/number.

Here is the moment where I think having an iGo charger would have saved my life (or at least saved me and my friend from spending two hours in O'Hare airport wasting precious bonding time). Which is why I'm trying to win one through my friend's "What I Wish I Got" Giveaway on her blog. If you're anything like me, you should probably try entering to win, too. Or at least read her blog, cause she's funny and has a cute kid.

Here's Sabra doing one of my all-time favorite dances from SYTYCD

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  1. She didn't let you use her phone? boo! LOL

  2. I guess she was worried I would save her number and stalk her afterwards, haha. Which I wouldn't have done... I'm not THAT crazy.