Cinderella and My Purpose

Today I spent the first half of the day at my school. It was a teacher work day, so none of the kids were there. But, I got a nice tour of the school, met a lot of teachers, as well as the librarian (yay!) and kind of got a feel for how things might be over the next 14 weeks. And I'm feeling excited about it all!

While my co-teacher and I were in the library, she picked up some Cinderella books. They were different versions of the classic fairytale from different cultures/countries. I'm not sure what lesson this is planned for, but I got excited about it. For one, I love fairytales. I'm not sure why, but I'm pretty obsessed. And I love reading a good variation of classics (Anyone else love "Ella Enchanted" by Gail Carson Levine? The book, not the horrid movie). Well, the library didn't have a copy of the original story by Charles Perrault, so I offered to bring in my copy.

It turns out... I don't own a copy. I'm not sure why I thought I did. Probably because I do have the version in this fairytale anthology I own. But that's not the same as a cool picture book. And if I was a kid, I'd want to hear the story from a picture book and not a fat, stuffy anthology. I mean, would you?

So, I decided to go buy one.

Good idea for the kids. Bad idea for my bank account.

I've pretty much avoided bookstores for the last six months because I have a problem. Can I just say this: Hi, I'm Bunmi and I'm a book-aholic. Generally when I got to the bookstore, I always walk out with something. And not just one something. Usually two or three. I just don't believe in buying just one book. It needs a friend otherwise it's lonely!

So I walk into Half-Price Books to buy Charles Perrault's "Cinderella," and walk out with "The Way Meat Loves Salt" (a Cinderella take from the Jewish tradition), "The Korean Cinderella," "Little Gold Star" (a Spanish American tale; which since these kids are bilingual I thought would be really cool for them), "Kongi and Potgi" (another Korean tale), "Cinder Enda" (the country/farm-girl version), "The Gospel Cinderella," and this one I just couldn't resist, "Anna Meagan" (the Aggie Cinderella Story. Gig 'em!).

These kids will definitely get their fill on the different versions of Cinderella!

After spending a significant amount at HP Books (I also bought some other stuff, haha), I headed to church for The Awakening and more talk on Life on Purpose. And something that really stood out to me was this: My purpose isn't what I do, but rather who I do it for. And who I do it for is Christ. Everything I do, I do to glorify God through Christ.

And I'd like to think that buying all those books for those kids and whatever lesson comes from it will glorify God.

Side Note: I walked to my school today! Only took me 10 minutes. And it saved gas. Yay to the new "No Impact" me

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  1. absolutely LOVE your blog!..all the best in the next 14weeks....hope you have a trailer load of FUN..
    i hope you find your purpose too. even got me praying for mine i hope 'we' find our purpose...