From One Challenge to the Next

So I just finished a week of living a life of No Impact. Or at least trying to live a life of No Impact. I wasn't always very successful, but I think it was still a worthwhile week. I've walked away from it a changed person. I'm more conscious of the choices I make and how they affect the environment, and I've taken steps to change a few bad habits and swap them for more eco-friendly ones. And while I may still be more "lime" than "green," it's a start. And I think that's the more important thing.

Well... today, I received another challenge. The Awakening, a young adult group at the church I go to in Dallas, is doing a three week series on "Life on Purpose." Purpose as in "what you're supposed to do in life; your calling, etc." Although, I also took it as "on purpose" like the opposite of "on accident." Mostly because I think lately, or at least since losing my job, I've kind of been living life like that... like everything good that happens, whatever brings me joy in life, all happens by accident. I haven't been very intentional about doing things, or seeking God's plan for my life.

In some ways, that's been changing. I applied to MFA programs. I'm pursing my teaching certification. But honestly, I don't really know what my purpose is, or if I'm living life on purpose. But I want to. Oh, I want to so badly. I want to have that joy that comes from knowing you're doing exactly what it is you're supposed to do.

So the challenge given to us tonight was to spend the next 30 Days Praying on Purpose. Again, I took this as praying for what God's purpose is in my life. But also as just praying on purpose. I throw up a quick prayer when I wake up, while I'm showering, while I'm sitting in traffic... but I don't daily make sure I take time out to seriously pray. To spend some un-distracted time just talking to God. So these next 30 days, I'm praying on purpose. (The specific prayer points were: praying for God's purpose in my life, praying for God's purpose for The Awakening, and then praying for God's purpose for others [specifically picking 3 people who don't personally know God]).

 The 30 days begin tomorrow! If I can do No Impact Week, I can totally do this! :)

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  1. Awesome Post! I can't wait to hear how it goes over the next 30 Days

  2. Bunmi this and the no impact week is awesome, I enjoy your reads. I'm no God, but have you considered writing as your purpose. Needles to say I tried the 40 day purpose, but didn't quiet finish......let me know how it goes.......I'm still trying to find mine.

  3. Dear Bunmi! This is Kate Rodemann at Texas remember me? I've been trying to track you down to tell you about an opportunity at the mag; email me when you get this!

    P.S. I live in Dallas now--we should have lunch!

  4. Kate! I've been trying to contact you for a while, haha! Just sent you an e-mail :) And yay for being in Dallas!