I didn't scar the kids!

I taught my first lesson today! And I was soooo nervous!

My voice sounded silly in my ears. I felt like I was talking way too fast (although I guess that's not uncommon for me). But I think the kids actually learned something.

We were working on the long 'a' sound. Later this week, we'll focus on the long 'e' and 'i' sounds. It sounds pretty elementary, but it might mean that a few of these kids might actually "crack the code" and be able to read and write English more fluently (my kids are all bilingual).

I think that's probably been the most exciting thing about student teaching so far--I feel like these are all kids that really need me. They need me to give them that extra push, help them break through the language barrier that keeps a lot of them from succeeding, help them know that they can do it!

They already have a great teacher, and she's worked really hard to get them to where they are now. But there's still a lot of gaps to be filled. Minds to be opened. And I kind of feel having TWO teachers will get these kids further than any of them ever imagined they could get.

Wouldn't that be so cool if my little fantasy became the reality?

Next week I'll begin teaching grammar and spelling. And later, they'll do writing workshops with me. And then there will be two weeks of "total teach," where their real teacher gets to sit back and I do all the work. I'm still nervous about teaching each lesson, but I'm excited too!

So I had planned to take pictures of my "teacher" outfits during the first week of school, but... the first week of school was only three days long, and then I actually missed the third day because of my weird bout with the flu or whatever that was.  Anyway, I guess I'll just post what I wore for my first day of teaching.

Ready for my "First Days of School."

Also, here's a peek into the classroom I'm in. The room actually just got rearranged over the weekend, but here's what it looked like when I started:

Part of the class library (mostly teacher books)

The student desks (this part looks drastically different now)

The information board

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