Radio Discoveries

This week, I impulsively decided to listen to NPR. Although people assume that I listen to this radio station all the time (must be the journalist thing or something), I actually have only tuned in when my dad is in the car (in his world, only the news, classical music, and the occasional hymn or sermon is worth listening to).

But this week, I was sick of listening to KLTY with their horrible commercials and over-the-top promotions, not to mention the same songs playing over and over and over again. And I thought, "why don't I listen to NPR?" Without a good reason, I promptly switched the station.

And I loved listening to the radio so much more this week. I'll be honest and say that sometimes the news and politics talk make me want to snooze, but for the most part the programming has engaged my mind during the generally mindless commute I make at various times during the day.

I think my favorite show is A Way With Words, a language show. The English language is fascinating, so an entire show about English grammar, the origin of words, linguistic disputes, and more. And past episodes are online! I learned about the expression "a tree full of owls" and discovered the logic behind saying "you've got another think coming" versus "you've got another thing coming."

Another favorite is The Story, which is basically a show about ordinary people. Ordinary people who's lives intersect with big things in news. Or just ordinary people with somewhat extraordinary lives. It was on The Story that I heard "Noah Z. Jones Goes to Hollywood," and was suddenly filled with hope that maybe I will be discovered out of no where and on my way to fame. (Jones is the creator of the new Disney Show "Fish Hooks" and got the job because of his website Almost Naked Animals.)

So, for now, NPR is my new favorite station. After just a week, I feel smarter already! :)

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