Job Update

I got the tutoring job!!! Yay!

I felt the interview on Friday went well, and thought I would get the job (or at least was very hopeful!). But then she mentioned that if I took a sample SAT or ACT and hit a certain score, I could also tutor the verbal section for test prep... and then I got nervous. While not hitting the required score wouldn't eliminate me from being able to tutor English in general, I kind of felt not being able to do so said something not so great about me.

Plus, being able to tutor test prep meant I would get paid more. And with barely $300 in my bank account, I needed the extra money!

So I had planned to spend the weekend studying for both tests (I got to pick which one I wanted to take). I didn't, and probably did a total of 15 practice questions. But I felt confident. I have a master's for goodness sake... if I can't ace a standardized test...

Well, I decided to take the ACT, which I sat for this morning... and I aced it. So you're looking at the new English and Verbal test prep tutor for Huntington Learning Center!

As far as the technical writing position, I finally was able to reach the lady and had a phone interview this morning. I learned more about the job, which sounds interesting and I hope I'm given the opportunity to be on board with it. It's a short-term project, lasting anywhere from 45-90 days.

That'd keep me going at least till December. And right now, that's all I'm focusing on... getting to December!

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