Happy Halloween

This Halloween is truly happy, because early this morning I became an aunt! What a thrilling moment (and maybe slightly scary new role) for me! So Halloween will now officially be one of my favorite times of year, cause I'll get to celebrate (and spoil) a nephew!

Overall, it's actually been a pretty fun Halloween. I normally don't do anything. Being a Christian, I'm not anti-Halloween, but I don't really celebrate it either. Also, having immigrants as parents meant the idea of buying costumes and having their children go door to door begging for treats from strangers was lost on my parents.

My first time to trick or treat, oddly enough, was in Nigeria. The missionary families would take their kids house to house in the Seminary and Baptist Medical Center, and then there would be a Halloween Bash at the Ellison's house. One year I was a figure skater (and spent the whole time in the van because I couldn't roller skate) and then there was my last year in Nigeria where Val and I dressed up as "CDs" (crazy dressers), and her dad was a Nigerian woman. Man... I wish I still had pictures.

Here in the States, anything Halloween-related was either charity, school, or church related. And this year was no different (except replace school with work).

Last week I went to the Halloween party for the Ronald McDonald House:

Southwest is a huge supporter of the RMDH

Emilie, the volunteer coordinator, with families from the house

How'd HE know I talk so much?!

Then my church had a community-wide Harvest Festival:

And finally I got to scare little kids at the YMCA as the "un-dead" in the playground-turned-graveyard. 

Here was my view from under the slides:

And here are some of the kids and my co-workers in their costumes: 

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! 

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