'Don't Miss It, Don't Even Be Late'

Last week Thursday, I won tickets to see "Shrek: The Musical" through the Dallas Summer Musicals. With those tickets came free entry to The State Fair of Texas.

Can I just say I was beyond thrilled?! First of all, I've been wanting to see "Shrek," but couldn't justify paying to go see it--for one, I no longer have a full-time job and money is tight, but also, I've gone to see A LOT of shows throughout this last year and while $25-$40 for a ticket might not sound like a lot, it adds up. I mean, I had just gone to see "My Fair Lady" last month!

Also, I've really wanted to go to The State Fair. I went last year with my old co-workers and it was fun, but I didn't really do much or stay late or anything. And the only other time I remember going to the fair was in high school, which was years ago.

So my friend Nik and I headed down to Fair Park a little early and enjoyed the fair, eating lots of junk, watching pig races, and the grand parade (the band even played "Our State Fair is a great state fair, don't miss it don't even be late. It's dollars for donuts at our State Fair. It's the best state fair in our state!" which made me sooo happy!), before heading to the Music Hall to watch "Shrek." Awesome thing about the tickets I won... they put us in the second row! Right in front! I've NEVER been that close in a performance before! So awesome! If only I had won such seats during the "Wicked" run!

Honestly, "Shrek" isn't like the greatest musical out there and it's no surprise that it didn't win any awards or anything, but it was a fun show. I laughed a lot, and I though the set design, costumes and lyrics were all highly creative. Can't rank it up there with "Wicked" or "Aida" or anything like that, but it holds it own as a great family musical.

Overall, it was a pretty awesome day :)

We rode the train out the Fair Park

Funnel cake with apple topping

Texas Fried Frito Pie

Big Tex!

Pig Races! 

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