3 Days to 30

In three days, I turn 30.

The Big 3-0.

I used to dread approaching that number. It would mean I was old. I was past my prime. All the fun in life should be over and done, and I should be a settle, responsible adult with a husband, at least four (of my imagined six) kids thriving and absolutely no pets.

And not that I imagined that life would be bad--it would still be an adventure. But not the same fun, flirty and free type of adventure that your 20's are for.

It also didn't help that as I approached 30, I was still single with no prospects, still had no clue what I wanted to be when I "grew up" and just felt lost in general.

Twenty-five was the year I was most excited for. In reflection, I'm not sure why. It's not like 16, when you can finally drive a car by yourself (even if it's a hand-me down from your cousin). Or not like 18, when you become an "official adult." Or even 21, when you can finally drink (which I actually waited to do, discovered I didn't really care for it, and so rarely bother). But for whatever reason, 25 is a big deal and I was pumped... until I lost my job. And spiraled into a legit "quarter-life crisis."

And each year, I got older. But life didn't seem to fall back into the well-laid out plan I had for myself. Each year, another dream got deferred.

But... somewhere over the last 5 years, I was slowly getting excited for 30. There was a lot of moments of reflection, and just growing in my faith, being more who I wanted to be. I fell in love with Valentine's Day and felt comfortable with being single. I've been able to travel to Europe, Africa (other than Nigeria), Asia, and South America. I've had little adventures as I built new friendships.

And while life at almost-30 isn't what I imagined it to be years ago... I realize this: I have a GOOD life. And I love it. And I am happy living it. And I plan to keep living it. Turning 30 doesn't have to stop that.

So here's my plan for 30: I'm celebrating for 30 days.

Birthday is September 1st. September has 30 days. I'm turning 30. It's perfect.

Not every day will be a big production (although I have a Pentatonix concert, a few shows/plays, IF:Gathering Leadership conference, Disneyland, Universal Studios and the State Fair packed in there), but every day will be a moment for me to be thankful for this year and celebrate who I am and who God is molding me to be.

I can't wait to begin this journey!

And I'll try to be good and blog about it so you can join me on the ride!

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  1. Congratulations 'kid'.. Have you got an email address you can be reached on?