Dear Valentine's Day,

I've always liked you.

I want to make sure you know this, just cause I have a lot of friends who feel the opposite. For them, you bring heartache, feelings of loneliness and inadequacy. And I'll admit, there were some years where I felt a twinge of that, too. But, mostly, especially lately, I've really enjoyed you.

Like last year, how you brought me a fun-filled girl weekend. A sleep-over, the girlie movies, cookies and candy. There was so much laughter and love. It was better than having a guy buy me roses or chocolate, or take me on a romantic dinner.

Not the cookies I baked, but mine were heart-shaped! 
And this year, we had a baking party! Desserts galore! Chocolate cake and cupcakes, blondies (brownies sans the chocolate), lemon-line mousse, strawberries with some sort of white chocolate, cinnamon creme. Oh, and I made cookies from scratch (fulfilling one of my new year's resolutions)! We watched the obligatory girlie movies, and had the obligatory conversation about boys. But ultimately, it was just about us--having fun and loving each other's company. Which is what I think Valentine's Day is all about.

Don't get me wrong. At some point I'd love to spend to celebrate this day with a significant other of my own. But, while you're a great day and all, I don't think this one day honestly should represent what any relationship it means. All it represents is how much fun love can be. How much fun life can be. All things that were represented with my night with the girls. Plus, if I had a significant other, I'd hope he'd use the other 354 days of the year to make me feel special and not pin it all on you.

I like you because you're a good excuse to share some love and spend some good quality with the people you care about. And I enjoy taking advantage of that excuse every year. Even when I eventually find "the one," I still hope to create some fun "love" time with my ladies. I hope to still get candy and Disney Princess cards from my students.

I hope you're never just about "the guy"--whether I have one, or not.

So, Valentine's Day, I want to thank you for another great year. For the love that was share, and for the hopes of many great years to come.

With Love, 
B :)

P.S. I also want to say thank you to "The Bachelor," for finally sending Michelle home. It added an extra pinch of glee to my Valentine's Day!

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  1. Love this write up especially the idea that valentine's day is an excuse to share some love and spend some good quality with the people you care about. Nice blog between.