The Very First Decision

All my Aggies can rest assured. I won't be becoming a Longhorn anytime soon.

That's the easy way of saying that I got my decision from UT-Austin concerning my MFA application. And it was a 'no.'

I'm honestly not really surprised. For one, UT is ranked #3 in the nation and it's ranked #1 when it came to selectivity. Only like 1 percent of applicants get admitted each year. Also, I think the short story I think was my best didn't make it into UT's packet since I wasn't done with it by the deadline. BUT... I still kind of hoped.

My heart's in Texas. Big time. And while I had fun that one year living in Chicago, and I sort of (but vaguely) had fun that one year living in Missouri (mentioning the actual city is pointless; it was so small), and I think it'd be cool to live in other parts of the country for a while... Texas is my home. I really wanted to stay at home.

Plus, I have the cutest nephew who I hate the idea of being too far away from. Who's going to take a million and one pictures of him while he's growing up? :)

Oh well, I guess some other state gets to stake its claim on me for the next two or three years (God-willing).

The one good thing about not getting into UT is this:

I don't have to be a house divided against myself :)

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  1. Sorry to hear that you didn't get in. You would've enjoyed UT, I guarantee it.

  2. I'm sorry too, but I think you're right to spend a little time away from home. You'll be able to enjoy it so much more :)

  3. Sorry you didn't get into UT. My brother just started at UT, I need to tell how he should appreciate the opportunity.