30 Days of 30

I've decided.

Next year, when I turn 30, I'm celebrating my birthday for 30 days.

My birthday is on the 1st, and September has 30 days... so it's perfect.

I know... it sounds crazy. And maybe a bit self-absorbed. But as I got closer to my birthday this year, I realized that I had never really gone all out for my birthdays since I became an adult.

As a kid, we planned our own. My sisters and I would come up with themes and execute pretty stellar parties. But I think my last big party was when I was like 10. After that, they remained pretty simple--dinner with family and friends, maybe a movie or a show. Even most of my "milestone" birthday passed with little fanfare.

Age 13: I think it was a Wednesday and my church family came over afterwards for cake and ice-cream. I remember asking for only one thing: A Bible... which as a pastor's kid, you know I got.

Age 16: Four friends came over and we went to the mall. I used my birthday money to buy a bunch of musicals and then we returned home for a slumber party and to watch them all, plus other movies.

Age 18: It was Labor Day. And my first day of school at A&M. I found out the journalism program was getting the axe. And I got lost and cried like a baby. Nikki and TJ brought me a cookie cake, an Aggie pillow and an Aggie ring (but not THE Aggie Ring) to welcome me to the family and celebrate my day. Nothing huge, but it was super special.

Age 21: Okay... this one, there was some major fanfare. I had planned a last-minute dinner that got switched to a surprise party. And I was definitely surprised. (And the very next year, I got to spend my birthday in NYC.)

Age 25: I don't even remember. I remember planning to go to Disney World, but losing my job weeks before the big day killed those plans. I'm sure some friends came over and we played Just Dance on the Wii in my living room.

So for 30... I want to go big. I'm starting to get to the point where I feel awkward making a big deal about my birthday. It's a lot easier to celebrate when people do the planning for you :-) But it's always been a habit of mine to drag my birthday beyond just one day. Mini-celebrations happen weeks later, with different groups of friend. Next year, I figure, why not just be super intentional about it.

The idea came about last year when a friend of mine was turning 30. Her family and friends did a "30 Days for 30" surprise for her. Each day, she got a new gift with a tag that counted down the days until her 30th. Sometimes the gifts were big or expensive. Other times they were simple things to just brighten her day. Each gift was personal. And each day got her pumped to turn 30. I was obsessed with it and waited for her to post each day.

I was also extremely jealous because I knew it'd never happen to me. I mean... it could, but I doubted it. And it's not like I can just say, "Hey! Family... friends... for my 30th, you need to do this!"

A friend suggested an alternative... create a wish list of things I want and have friends and family sign up to send me something from that list each day. Which would also be cool... but then takes away the element of surprise when you open a gift.

And while I'm not huge on gifts, I do love surprises. And what I love most about getting gifts is that they are a surprise... it's super cool to see how well people know you, or the thought that they put into picking this out just for you. That type of surprise is the best. That type of gift is the best. Not so much when I have to tell you want to get (although I would still love it).

So what's where the 30 days of 30 idea came about. It's be a cool way to celebrate my birthday in a big way, get others involved, feel showered with love and ultimately just indulge in this beautiful thing called "my life."

A few things I do have in mind: a trip every weekend of the month (Prince Edward Island is high on the list, and other suggestions are welcomed) and I would like to rent out a space and have a DJ and throw a party and have Photo Moto there to capture all the fun (and possibly get proposed to, but we can save that crazy idea for a different blog).

I'm obsessed with this proposal.

I'm still not sure what exactly I'll do... but I guess I have quite a while to plan.

Let me know if you want to help!

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