Last Year of My 20s!

Yesterday, I began a new chapter in life. I turned 29.

Holy cow! It's the last year of my 20s!!! I don't even what to contemplate what that means... should I be excited? terrified?

Last year, I was not all that thrilled about turning 28. I think I was just down about life not being all I expected it to be. And as the days grew closer to my birthday this year, I could feel myself feeling all down and pathetic about life. Like getting older was a curse, instead of a blessing.

So I decided to change my tune and celebrate life.

FRIDAY: I got to sing the National Anthem at the an Astros game!!! Granted this wasn't planned in honor of my birthday, but it was a great way to get the weekend started. I'm not a huge sports fan, but I am a huge fan of new experiences. And this was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Check that off the bucket list!

And the best part is that the Astros were playing the the Rangers! And... THE RANGERS WON! (Sorry, Astros fans... I'm originally from the DFW. Gotta support the home team). And the night ended with amazing fireworks.

Our fearless leader

SATURDAY: Earlier in the week, when I decided to get out of the doldrums and celebrate life, I planned a "party" and invited a few friends. I decided to go to Pinot's Palette. I was so thankful for the friends who decided to spend their Saturday with me since it was so last-minute. And it was super awesome to actually get GIFTS from the girls! Completely unexpected and just made me feel even so loved since all the gifts were very personal and it was obvious thought was put behind them!

Later that night I did dinner at one of my new favorite places in Houston, Adair Kitchen (it is just too cute!). Again, these ladies decided to come out super last-minute and it was nice to catch up.

I struggle a lot with feeling like I have good friendships and stuff, but this day showed me the opposite: I'm surrounded by awesome people who am beyond thankful to have as friends.

SUNDAY: Fun day :-)

Of course there was church, and then an epic nap... and then in the evening I went to see the documentary Finding Fela.

A few friends joined me for this, too. And while again--it was exactly all planned for my birthday, it was part of the weekend fun. And I did get my dinner paid for because it was my birthday, so... :-)

Afterwards, we decided to walk to Miller Outdoor Theatre to watch the Bollywood Bash. After my time in India this summer, I've felt an affinity towards all things India, so this was a nice treat.

The show, overall, was good.

And ultimately, it was just a nice night with friends.

MONDAY: My actual Birthday!

Since it was Labor Day, I didn't have to go to work so I slept in :-)

Texts, Phone Calls and Facebook messages streamed in starting at midnight.

And then I spent the day with my family. Super last-minute, and so again, I felt super-loved. We had lunch in the Heights and then the "men" (in quotes only cause my nephew is three, haha) went off to do their thing, while the "ladies" (my neice is only 4 months old) did our thing. We spent some time at my place before going on a shopping adventure. I finally got a chance to go to Fat Cat's ice cream parlor. And then as they left, a good friend invited me over to have dinner and desert... which was divine.



All in all, it was a GREAT birthday.

FINAL THOUGHTS: There's a lot of things about 29 that could feel disappointing... mostly because life isn't what I planned or expected when I was 12, 21, 25 or even 28. But I think the one thing I learned as I entered this new year is that happiness in life can be measured in a lot of ways, but the way that matters the most is LOVE. And there is a lot of love in my life, so I can't help but be happy with it. 

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