The Scary World of Budgeting

I have never kept a budget.

Appalling, I know. Numbers just stress me out. I've always liked words better. I mean, I can't even remember a 10-digit phone number. It took me years to memorize my social security number. One of my exes was always irritated that I wanted directions to include exit names and not the exit numbers (still do, by the way).

And let's not even talk about sticking to the budget. I'm not very good at coloring within the lines (figuratively; I actually am slightly OCD about doing that literally). I've planned to only spend X amount of money on something and then completely go crazy once I start spending. I always find a reason to spend just a little bit more. And not necessarily on me (although, when it comes to books, it's always one me). I just see things that I think people in my life would like and make the purchase. This definitely comes back to bite me on the butt later.

For the 10 months, I haven't thought much about how much I spend. I had a roommate, we split the bills, and so I kind of hand quite a bit of "extra" to throw around, I suppose. Now I'm wishing I saved more. Because what I did save I just spent on my European tour (which was totally worth it).

Now it's back to me. And living alone in Houston is kind of expensive. I've been looking up apartments and rent for 1 bedrooms within the loop are excessive. It's like Houston thinks it's the New York City of Texas (which it isn't. If anything, Austin or Dallas should get that title). Granted there are cheaper places... but I'm struggling to find one that's cheap and nice. I'm what my friends would call slightly bourgoius. I have high standards. Standards that are apparently higher than my bank account.

So living alone again is definitely taking me down a notch. I already don't have cable. And internet alone seems like it's costing a small fortune!

So with the help of one of my accounting buddies, I've just created a budget. And the plan is that all decisions made will adhere to this budget. Including where I end up moving to...

Here's hoping I can survive and stick to it!

Right now, I really do feel like I'm trying to shove pieces of a puzzle together.
And while, I generally like puzzles, they aren't easy.

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  1. GOOD LUCK! I need to put myself on a budget as well.... :/