Dream Libraries

I've yet to jump on the Pintrest bandwagon, but my cousin sent me a link to a Pintrest page that I am in LOVE with. As people who know me, and anyone who has followed this blog long enough, know... I am a big reader. I own a lot of books and have the "bad" habit of constantly buying more. I'm currently out of shelf space in my apartment, and half (maybe more) of the books I own are at school.

One day, when I build my dream home (or renovate whatever home I end up in), having a library will be essential. Or at least having a place to put all of my books (with room for growth) is essential.

Here are some of my favorite ideas from Pintrest:

Great use of space! If I have stairs in my dream home, this is totally happening!

One day I hope to have a little "Writer's Nook" in my house. Something like this would be perfect.
And again, great use of space!

I dream of having a bay window with a window seat that I curl up with a good book in.
On a sunny day, or even when it's raining.
Or at night, with the moonlight streaming in...

Closet transformed into a home library
"With floor to ceiling shelving and a couple of lamps, an extra closet or alcove becomes a library."
(Real Simple)

Another staircase idea... if I have a cellar or basement.

These last two are whimsical and probably would have no place in a home. But they are so fun, I had to add them!

Reading Wheel

In love! I guess it could go in the actual library
... if I ever make millions and have a big enough house for one.
Or I can save it for when I open up my own bookshop in retirement!


What can I say... I LOVE to read!

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