Reflection of the Wis(dom) Teeth

So far this isn't as bad as I thought it'd be. But... it's also not great. My mouth feels kind of gross and I can't rinse/brush until tomorrow at like noon!

Which made me very grateful that I did not ask a guy friend to take me for my procedure. Which was the initial plan. You see, I don't really have that many friends in Houston yet. I haven't found a church I like enough to really invest/get involved in. And then I worked A LOT in my first year of teaching. So, not much opportunity to mix and mingle and develop any true relationship.

Don't get me wrong... I love my job and have made some pretty good friendships among my coworkers. But ultimately, that's it... they are my co-workers. I don't really see/talk to any of them outside of work much. And my roommate and I are definitely good pals. But as of Saturday, she is no longer my roommate as she's gone to begin residency in Illinois :(  And between living more than 30 minutes away and having a hyper-active one-year-old, my sister wasn't really an option.

So that left me with... my old Houston friends; the ones I've had a difficult time rekindling friendships with over the last year. My closest of which is a guy. In fact, I guess he's really my only "close" friend. One I hang out with regularly enough, and who I trust enough to share my worries and joys and stuff like that. One I actually talk to more than the casual "hello" and more than once every other month. The other old Houston friends, I like and love, but I felt super awkward about asking them to take me to the oral surgeon. I mean, it would mean basically dedicating a good portion of your day to me.

The appointment was at 10am, whoever took me couldn't leave until I was done. And I think I was woken up from my drug-induced sleep between noon and 1pm. And then this person had to drive me to the pharmacy, help me make sure I could fill the prescription and not fall on my face from the all the drugs that had been pumped into me, get me up to my third floor apartment, remind me to take out the extremely bloody gauze in my mouth, tell me to take some pain meds, eat some pudding or something, and then sit around with me for at least another hour making sure I could manage on my own before leaving.

Yup. Serious commitment. Especially for someone who I haven't even had the chance to meet up with for lunch or a movie or something much less... committed. It would have been weird asking one of the old Houston friends who I've barely spoken to or seen in this last year. Who while I know most are kind hearted enough to offer... I don't know. I just couldn't ask.

So that left him. But even he I felt uncomfortable asking. I didn't want to seem/feel like some weird damsel in distress. So in the end, I did ask a coworker. We've hung out quite a few times outside of school, she's always been super helpful and we've obviously been building what will be a good friendship. So I figured why not? By asking her, it'll show I want to be good friends.
Thank God she said yes.

Because as I described earlier... it was NOT a very attractive day. And not that my goal is to necessarily to be attractive around said guy friend. I don't want to be unattractive. Which is more or less how I felt as I waited for my mouth to not feel like it was half the size of my face, and when I was drooling blood and couldn't feel it due to the numbness. Yeah... I'm not sure I'd want even my brother to see me in such a condition.

At least I still don't look like a chipmunk :)

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