Progress on my 1001

So... I've figured out 63 things to add to my 1001 list.

Thanks to Texas Monthly.

Apparently they've done issues like this here and there in the past. And maybe, if I find the time and go through all of them, they can help me add to my list. I forgot I bought this one and just found it as I was packing and purging my apartment.

And reading through it again, I probably don't have 63 things on my list because while I do want to take the ultimate road trip from Dalhart, Texas to Brownsville, Texas (apparently nearly 850 miles!), I do not really want to play Chicken Sh*t Bingo in Austin. Nor do I want to eat calf fries. And since I don't like beer or Dr. Pepper, I'd be willing, but highly reluctant to drink a free beer at the K. Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner or drink a Dublin Dr. Pepper.

And then some things I've already done. Like visiting the State Fair of Texas in Dallas (duh, that's my hometown! or region... Fort Worth is really home). And while I don't entirely remember how to do it, I did learn how to two-step with Todrick in Huntsville some years ago. And I did go to the Art Car Parade this year! And since my fourth graders recited every morning, I have the Texas Pledge of Allegiance memorized. I have often driven the freeways in Houston at night.

One thing on the list seems highly unlikely, although I would want to say that I could scratch it off my list: Be on the cover of Texas Monthly.

Maybe I should settle for simply, be in a magazine. Any magazine. And I don't mean my byline... that's already happened :-)

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