Ideas for the Bathroom

I still have weeks before I get the keys and can move into my new place... but that doesn't mean I can't dream of all the things I'll do to it once I get there!

Headboard is Big Project #1. But another thing I'll definitely need to work on is the bathroom. Cause, it's tiny.

Yup... that's it. Super narrow and not a lot of space for anything besides what's already in there. There is a small linen closet (which you can't see), and there is a little bit of storage space under the sink, but that's more or less it. So, I'll need to utilize the wall space as much as possible.

bathroom bucket Solution #1: Creative and Space-Saving Storage

I have tons of little buckets already, and tend to buy more from the $1 aisle at Target all the time (they are just too cute to resist!). And since there really is no counter space in the bathroom and the vanity/medicine cabinet isn't really usable, I thought this was a fun and cute solution. That fits my style, too.

bathroom shelf
Solution #2: Shelves!

Cube shelf
This is actually a plywood box wrapped
in newsprint. Spoke to the journalist in me :)
Adding some shelving is going to be a must. I wonder if I'll be able to find cute, decorative shelves for cheap at thrift stores. I probably don't want anything as girly as the picture... in fact, I might even be good with some plain or distressed wood. I'll have to start keeping my eye out for shelves I like (cause I plan to put some up in the kitchen, bedroom and living room, too).

Solution #3: A shower curtain with pockets!

I love pockets. They are the best... especially when they come with dresses (or I guess it's really the dresses that come with the pockets, but who cares). So I thought the idea of having pockets on my shower curtain would be amazing! But after seeing the picture on, I'm not so sure. But who knows, maybe my crafty friends can help me figure out how to make this idea cute enough to actually use. Any takers?

 Solution #4: Use the Door...

behind the doorAs Better Homes & Gardens was quick to point out... the bathroom door has so much storage potential. Will I be putting this much stuff at the back of my door? Heck no. But a few towel racks to hang stuff from would be cool. And since I am allowed to paint, I loved the idea of using magnetic paint!  
Solution #5: Bring in something from the Kitchen

Specifically, a pot rack. Fits in a corner, and can be used to hold toilet paper, among other things.  Quite genius...

 I can also bring in a kitchen utensil rack to hold stuff in the tub.
corner pot rackHanging metal shelf

Solution # 6: Baskets

Above the toilet is a little bit of a shelf/window ledge that I can definitely use for storage. And trust me, I will. Can't decide if I want to go the wicker basket look or the fun, funky storage boxes route. I guess we'll see...

I can't wait to put some, maybe all, of these solutions into action!

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