New Place, New DIY attitude

In exactly a month, I'll be getting the keys to my new apartment. And I can't wait.

It's in the Heights, which is one of my favorite neightborhoods in Houston. The houses have such old charm and I love the bright exterior colors. There are some newer builds, too, but even they have quite a level of charm. I drove some friends around the neighborhood over the weekend and we "oohed" and "ahhed" at the wrap-around porches and the stately exteriors.

Example of a Heights Home

My little home lacks the same level of charm on the outside, but once I saw the inside I was sold. It's hardwood floors throughout, which are old and in some parts a little uneven, but obviously in good condition. And while the bathroom is kind of tiny/narrow and there isn't a lot of cabinet space in the kitchen... it's a place I can make home. And home isn't something I've had... well, since 2006.

The other day, my brother compared me to a Fulani. I'm the nomad in the family. I've moved every 6 months to a year since finishing my undergraduate at Texas A&M. Whether it has been for an internship, a job, graduate school, or family... something has led me to never stay put in one place for more than a year. Dallas was the longest at two years, but even then, the longest I was in one apartment was 15 months.

While there is no guarantee that I'll be staying in the little house I'm renting for more than a year. I'm kind of hoping that this is where I'll settle for a while. And since I have permission to make whatever improvements/changes I'd like, I plan to go crazy and really give it my stamp of ownership. I'm already envisioning the kitchen island I'll bring in. And how I'll add towel racks to the back of the bathroom door. The gorgeous rug I'll use to set off the living room. The art work I'll hang up.

Mostly, I'm kind of excited about possibly trying my hand at some DIY projects. The first on my agenda is making a headboard for my bed. I've found some ideas on Better Homes and Gardens that I really like.

Headboard close-up
One of my favorites, using old dresser drawers, and it'd definitely help take care of some of my book storage issues.

Shutter headboard with green fabric
Headboard from fireplace screen
A fireplace
Curtain panel with words
blue bedroom with cushion headboard
Another one of my favorites, and I might already have all the materials for this one available.

Letter Perfect
This speaks to the geek in me, and while I actually
don't like it as a headboard, I think I might end up with
a wall of letters somewhere.

I'll keep you up-to-date on what I decide to do. And post before and after pictures, etc. I'm just so excited and can't wait until August 3rd when I get the keys and can begin!

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  1. I'm the nomad in my family, too. Everyone else has settled into relationships and home - rental or bought. Meanwhile, I move at least every year, usually more often, for the past 7 or 8 years. I'd love to stay in my current home for another year, but I don't think I have it in me - too much to see and do!