Esther Generation

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm totally playing catch-up on a lot of the resources the IF:Gathering has on their website (I bought their conference webcast stuff and still haven't sat down to watch any of it yet). While doing this, I fell upon this spoken word piece by Amena Brown Owen and Ann Voskamp.


Can I just say, "Window to my soul?"

Fear that I'll never move past my past...
That I'll never be perfect, that I'll never be worth it, that I'll never be enough...
Tug of war between my fear and my calling...
Fear is my chain...

He is second chances... His love never runs out... His love is looking for me.

So who would I be, if I wasn't afraid?

Where ever He takes me, He is always the Comforter.

To take the weight on my backs and offer it back to the Savior... that my life may be chiseled by his pen.

Who would I be? And what would I do?

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