A Reason to Write

All throughout the day, I find myself writing mini-blogs in my head. But somehow these blogs never make it to the actual web. I tend to put things off and then it slips my mind altogether, or feels too late to bother. It's why there was one mega-blog about my California trip, and why there has yet to be any post about my adventures in Peru (they are coming, along with some epic photos). The plan is to do a lot better... especially while I'm in India. I hope to write a few times while I'm there.

Well, I actually, I feel honor-bound to write.

You see, last year, I did a run for As Our Own. My I put off really training (although I did run about 4+ of the 6+ miles I was supposed to), I put off writing thank you notes to all the people who supported me. And I put off raising money for the mission trip I am about to depart on in a little over a week.

Just before Peru, I finally sat down and sent out a few letters to my childhood church families, and then wrote out letters to most of the people who supported me in my run. I wanted to let them know that their support in October is kind of what spurred me to take this leap to go to India this summer. Without them, I might have chosen to go to Kenya instead. Or maybe not chosen to do a mission trip at all.

You see... I almost didn't make my fundraising goal. And it was at the very last minute that I was able to exceed the goal, which was awesome. Each person who gave was a piece of helping me fulfill my commitment to Sabeena and helping provide for this little girl. So now that I'm going to India, and will actually get to meet Sabeena, I felt it was right to share this adventure with each of my supporters.

The letter went out and I left for Peru and while I was there I got a Facebook message from one of my friends. She thanked me for my letter, but also shared some news that encouraged me: After supporting me in my run last year, she and her husband decided to become monthly supporters of As Our Own! How cool is that? She wanted me to know that she was excited that I was going because now I can share the stories of how their giving is impacting the girls and be able to be a witness to what God is doing in India.

It kind of put this mission trip in a new light for me. This isn't about me going to help, or the girls who will be helped, but about being able to be a witness to how God is moving in the world. I get to be a witness to that! And I mean, I always knew that I was my role, but her note really brought that out to the forefront to me.

And it gives me a reason to write. To share God's grace and glorify His name through the stories I'll be privileged to witness first-hand. And if that's the biggest thing I do, or impact that I can make, I think it'd be well than worth it.

Still trying to raise about $2,000 for India... and I leave next week Friday! A part of me is terrified that I won't end up with enough. But a bigger part trust that God will provide in some way. And that will be yet another thing I get to bear witness about! 

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