If God is Real, Then What?

Over the course of fifty-five days, the IF:Gathering lead women through the book of John with their IF:Equip initiative. We read a passage from the Bible and then ask/answer these three questions:

If this is true, then what does it say about God? About you? About the world?

They end each reading with a video of some awesome ladies sharing their own thoughts about that particular passage.

I did a horrible job keeping up with the readings. In general, I do a horrible job about having a consistent, meaningful time meditating on His word. Something I'm working on--I get e-mail devotions, I'm part of a Bible study group, I carry my Bible in my purse at all times--but I still suck at consistency.

With that being said, IF:Equip has wrapped up the book of John and is now moving on to the book of Acts (which my church just finished walking through over the last two years. Might be interested to read through it again and listen to insight from a different perspectives). So, I decided to spend a little time today "catching up" and going through some of the days that I missed in John.

Can I just say that John is a powerful book? It makes sense why it is often the section of the Bible shared with people when witnessing. The first book to often be translated into a new language.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few of the video clips that resonated with me from the book of John. I'd also highly suggest you check out the IF:Gathering yourself!

These first two clips discuss the church. A lot of people I know who "believe" in God, have issues with the church. It's a turn-off to them and they feel there is either too much division and fighting and tiffs over meaningless things. Or they feel unwelcomed, turned away, and judged. Whichever the reason, it's sad. Because the church is a powerful place and a much-needed community for believers in Him.


I LOVE what Jennie Allen has to say in this next clip. I recently had the opportunity to talk about my faith with a co-worker. And it was scary. I won't even lie. While I felt I was clear that I believe in Jesus and His way and his book. I was also scared about not sounding tolerant or open-minded. And in retrospect, I feel perhaps I wasn't bold enough. Perhaps I didn't make it clear that while there is so much grace to be given, there is only one truth: Jesus is the ONLY Shepherd. The ONLY true way. It's a truth that I realize that many of my friends who also have qualms about church don't want to buy into. It's just a little bit scary to believe in one way. But tolerance doesn't mean we ignore the truth.


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