Feeling the Love

If you've been reading the blog for a while, then you know I generally reflect on my love life every so often. And of course Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to do that. Not to gripe about being single or even to gush about the romantic thing someone did for me (because, sad to say, that's only happened ONCE... and while I acted all pleased at the time, it was a bit over the top and embarrassing for me. Note to future man: Public Displays panic me).

I reflect each Valentine's Day because I think love is a beautiful thing, and February 14th pretty much puts it right in your face. I don't feel sorry for myself because I'm single. In fact, this year, as I watched kids pass chocolates, carnations and roses, I didn't think once about not having someone to share the day with.

For one, I was in the middle of losing a battle with a major cold/sinus infection that has me laying in bed and wasting a roll of toilet paper. But secondly, I feel extremely loved and didn't feel like I was missing out the whole day. And it was a pretty nice feeling, one I didn't even realize I was feeling until the day was all over.

The day started out with one of my students shyly handing me a gift back. The day before, he had asked me if I liked coffee, and before I could answer blurted out that he had something to give me, but wasn't sure if I'd like it, so he wanted to ask to make decide if he should give it to me or not. My heart melted in that moment as I assured him that whatever he wanted to give me, I'd gladly accept and love.

I had completely forgotten about the conversation until he walked up to me the next morning, holds out a cute little bag and says, "This is for you, Ms. Ishola. It's just a mug and some sweet tarts, but yeah..." He looked so cute and so shy and it was so precious! The moment I take it and say thank you, he quickly scurries off in embarrassment. I may not think so when I actually have a boyfriend/fiance/husband, but at that moment, it was the best gesture I'd ever been given on Valentine's Day.

Later, during my first off-period, I opened an envelope that had been left on my desk to read the SWEETEST letter from a student. I actually started crying as I stood behind my desk and her kind and grateful words washed over me all day long, never giving me a moment to feel sad or alone.

Letter from one of my Kiddos
And as the day ended and I had other students walk up to me to hand me a little bag or chocolate box with my name on it, my heart continued to melt. I continued to feel love.

This can be a tough day for those of us who are single--for whatever reason. But I've begun to realize that it's only a tough day if you let it be a tough day. Because while you may not have anyone writing you a MEGA long love note one a HUGE card (this is what one of my students did for his boo) or send you a massive teddy bear (also something that happened at school today), there is one thing that you must know: YOU ARE LOVED. By someone.

It may not be who you want to love you. And it may not be who you expect to love you. But there are people in your life who think about you and love you and are willing to show you they love you. You just have to be willing and open enough to accept it.

Just feel the love. It's out there and just waiting for you to acknowledge it.

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