When You Need A Bit of Home...

My time in Ghana is wrapping up. Just a few more days. And for the most part, I've had a blast and I'm a little sad about going home. I love, love, love my host family and I'm sad about saying goodbye. And I've begun to build some very good friendships that I want to continue to build.

But there have definitely been times when I have really just missed home. Missed my everyday life, or just missed having someone who really knows and gets me around. The week in Cape Coast was especially tough. While I enjoyed the slave trade, batik and dance lessons, I just felt extremely homesick that week. I not only missed my life in the U.S., I also was missing my family in Accra badly.

Oddly, one thing that got me through was listing to Todrick's single "It Gets Better." It was nice to hear a familiar voice in my ear, and the message of the song was always nice. No matter how tough things got, things do get better. (He coincidentally updated the song while I was gone and did an acoustic version.)

The coolest thing, and a way that proved how much God loves me and seeks to comfort you in your lowest moments, is that I would fall asleep with my iPod playing and every morning when I woke up, Toddy's "It Gets Better" would play within seconds. It was the perfect way to start each day.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I LOVE to brag on Todrick. The kids on the trip quickly learned it to as I showed them his YouTube videos and played my morning anthem for them. One of the students already knew the song and had it on his phone, too! Sweet bonding momemnt. And I was bursting with pride, like Todrick belonged to me or something.

I've always been proud of Todrick, and just in awe of how much talent he has from dancing to singing, to composing songs and plays. We're not as close now, but I feel blessed to have known him for over 10 years.

In case you haven't heard the song, here's "It Gets Better."

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