Oh the places we'll go...

There is so much I've neglected to write about over the last two weeks. There are still tons of little Costa Rican memories to shares, I have some summer reading that I've knocked out and plan to review, I went to a professional development and learned a lot of cool things, I was able to knock a few things off my bucket list, and now I'm on my way to spend the next month in Ghana.

Yes, Ghana. Yes, a month. 

I'm ridiculously excited! But, I won't lie, there is also some level of trepidation. I'll be living with a host family, be a group leader for nine YES Prep high schoolers, and well... what happens to my life back home? It's not like time will stand still for me. What might be different when I get back?

It's silly, I know. But I can't help to wort a little bit. Ultimately though, this is like a dream come true and I plan to make the most of this opportunity. And regardless of what fears I have, the best things happen when you step out and take risks. You grow from moving out of your comfort zone. And I seek to constantly grow and be a better me. And my life has been due for a bit of a shake up :-)

One thing is for sure. This summer has, and continues to be, one great adventure for me. So here's to the next adventure, and I'll fill you in along the way!

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