2012... is here!

I started 2011 thinking that if it were anything like 2010, I should just cut to the credits.

I'm beginning 2012 thinking if it's anything like 2011... I ... CAN'T... WAIT!

2011 began with me student teaching, then going to Nigeria, landing a job with Teach for America, which ultimately led to a wonderful job teaching in Houston. It was the complete opposite of 2010. Which was... ugh. Let's not even go there.

So now, I just have some serious high hopes for 2012!
Anway, as usual, I made absolutely no resolutions. Although I did look back at the ones I made through the New Year's Resolution Generator. Of the 13 resolutions I decided to "take," I kept quite a few.

I learned to cope, I laughed a lot, I skipped, I reused, I did bake cookies from scratch, I travelled, and... well, I think overall I did a good job! As far as my actual life goals... I did begin (and finish) student teaching, I did not begin my MFA (but went into teaching instead), I still don't know how to sew, music didn't entirely overrun my life again, I did take more pictures, failed at being more green... and hopefully I was a better daughter, sister, aunt and friend... and plan to let God do with 2012 what he did with 2011.

Still no real resolutions coming out of me this year (which today's sermon allowed me to Biblically support that decision!)... but I did play with the resolution generator again and here's what's in store for 2012...

This year I will...

  • Be a Rockstar
  • Go Sailing (oooo... high class!)
  • Be Fearless
  • Drink more tea
  • Wake Up Earlier (does 10 minutes earlier count?)
  • Start a Sticker Collection (most likely not!)
  • Smile :)
  • Throw a Dinner Party
I think I can handle those.

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