Sweet Love

Goodness, I love weddings!

Over Memorial Day Weekend, I went to my fourth (or is it fifth) this year. It was a sweet, little event in San Antonio. Goregous weather, even with the blazing heat. The breeze was just enough to keep you cool.

My favorite part was when the bride began walking down the aisle. The groom instantly got teary-eyed. The bride keep craning her neck over the guest to catch a glimpse of her love. You knew the moment their eyes met--her face broke out into a bright smile. And as they drew closer together, she mouths, "I love you."

The whole ceremony was like a glimpse into their intimate world. As they held hands, shared secret smiles, whispered sweet nothings to each other, said their vows. If there were pictures in the dictonary, all this would have been captured by the word "love."

I know the groom better than the bride, and I know how long he prayed and waited on God to bring him his Eve. And from the short time I've been blessed to know the bride, I know how patiently she waited for her Adam.

This was one of those weddings when you know that God immensely blesses those who choose to wait on His plan.

It was that perfect.

And it made me not mind waiting so much :)

(Check out my Flickr page to see pictures of the couple and their lovely day!)
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