30 Days of 30: The First Week

Eight days left of my 30 days of 30... and I have NOT been good and blogged about it as promised. But it's not over yet, so... let's start with the first week!

When I came up with this idea last year, it was really just a dream. And then I started to really envision it and in August decided I'd make it a reality! And it has been so much fun.

Day 1: Sept 1st (My actual 30th birthday)
I woke up and wore blue (a tradition I began when I turned 13. My birthstone is a sapphire, so I always wear sapphire blue on my birthday). Got chauffeured to work, received tons of cards, notes, flowers, cupcakes, an edible arrangements... and then ended the day at the Pentatonix and Kelly Clarkson concert!!!!! It was sooo much fun. And I stayed out way too late... but I was happy. 

Day 2: Absolutely exhausted and was a zombie at work, but somehow I made it through. I got more notes from kids. Wednesdays are our short day at school, but I had to go to Course Leader PD afterwards. And they had CUPCAKES for me and another co-worker whose birthday had also just passed. 

And then I went to church and celebrated with my Singers family with some cupcakes and a CAKE that someone sweetly got me :-) And I had two new gifts to open! 

Day 3: Open House at school. But I wasn't going to let that stop me from celebrating. Visitors came to join me in the fun, and it felt really good to have parents and students wish me a Happy Birthday still! And then since it was Houston's Restaurant Week, right after I left school, I had dinner with family and friends. 

Day 4: Headed to Miller Outdoor Theatre and enjoyed some 'Motown and More.'

Day 5: First weekend of being 30!!! So of course, I kept it real chill and spent the morning exploring the Heights with my sweet friend and neighbor, Jess! 

I spent the afternoon with my sister, because September isn't only Bunmi's Birthday Month, but it is also Sickle-Cell Awareness Month. 

And I wrapped up the day watching 'War Room' with some sweet ladies, catching up with friends and having my car attacked by a cockroach in the parking lot (that part was not fun, but did lead to lots of laughs).

Day 6: Houston Restaurant Week is still on, so a good friend took me to lunch to celebrate. And although he protested about taking pictures... I eventually got him in one :-)

Day 7: It's Labor Day! And I went to Dallas to hang out with my loves up there! Houston has grown on me... but Dallas has my heart because of some of these people! 

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  1. Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?