No One is Too Far Gone...

So I've been doing a great job keeping up with the IF:Gathering's devotional through Acts. It's been great being able to read through other women's comments and see what God is revealing through them in the Scriptures. Today's passage really got be thinking as I prepare for India.

No one is too far gone to be redeemed by Christ. And not that these girls have done anything that makes them unworthy of redemption, but I think about their moms, the people who work and build the Red Light District, the families that shun and push them out... even they are capable of being redeemed.

I think about a brothel owner who turns to Christ, shuts down her brothel and makes it a house a prayer to welcome and serve the women in The District. I think about pastors with tattoos and piercings, women who have been in prison... Their story doesn't discount them. In fact, perhaps their history and their past makes them an even stronger witness of the gospel.

Anyway... just something I thought about today and thought I'd share!

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