Friday. Saturday. Sunday.

Three days and all of history was change. Three days and all of life was changed.

On Friday, the crowd gathered to watch as He was walked to a hill, battered and bruised, and nailed to a cross. Saturday was silent; full of pain and confusion for those who loved Him, uncertainty and regret for those who had wanted to trust Him, empty triumph for those who hated Him. And then there was Sunday... oh, glorious Sunday. 

Sunday led to an empty tomb, a risen Savior, to the defeat of Death. 

How thankful we all should be for these three days. 

Without Friday, no blood would have been shed to cleanse our sins and be the true sacrifice. Without Saturday, no chance for us to wait--to lie between despair and joy. Which might seem cruel, but the wait makes Sunday that much more victorious. Because without Sunday, there would have been no resurrection. No victory over death. No chance for a new life, an eternal life. 

As Christians, we tend to make a big deal about Christmas and not so much about Easter. And while the miracle of Christmas is so precious and warrants the celebration, the miracle of Easter is where our salvation lies. Without the cross, without the empty tomb being a Christian means nothing. 

The choices I make in life are really shaped by the Cross, but more by the Resurrection.

The theme at church today was this: One thing Changes Everything. Whether it's the proposal that changes a woman's life, a basketball shot that leads to free college tuition for a year, a young boy born deaf and hearing his father's voice for the first time... Everything Changes. 

But the ultimately One Thing that we all need, the One Thing that truly changes everything is Jesus. 

Friday, Saturday, Sunday... it all matters because of Him. 

Happy Easter! He is Risen! 

Our church put up a cross tower this week!
We all got to sign our names, which are in the cross, as our own personal declarations to how much our lives have been changed but what Christ chose to do for us on The Cross.

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