Fun in the Land of Photography

I enjoy taking pictures. I'm not 100% sure when photography became a hobby of mine, I just know that once I had a camera in my hand I would take 100s of shots within minutes and have always been fascinated by beautiful shots.

I especially like shots of people. I can spend hours looking through pictures of weddings, babies, family portraits, and stuff like that. Scenic stuff is cool, too. But seeing images of people living life gets me the most excited.

I think what appeals to me the most about photography is that each picture tells a unique story. And as an aspiring storyteller (or as my friends and family would say, a born storyteller), I've always been intrigued by the art of storytelling. I'm never one to turn down hearing (or seeing) a good story. And I'm constantly asking myself: What makes a good story? How do you tell a good story?

Like writing, I probably do not spend as much time taking pictures as I should. I go through bouts where my camera is glued to my side and then times when I've practically forgot I own one. But to my family and friends, I am a photographer. It's become expected of me to have my camera for any event that takes place--big or small.

And occassionally, friends reach out to me to take personal shots of them. So far, I don't charge. It's like my editing work for friends pre-, during, and post-college. I'll read your essays and papers for free because I enjoy the art and craft behind editing. So I take pictures for free, too. Plus, I still have a lot to learn on the photography front, so I feel a bit hesitant charging for a craft I'm still grappling with.

Anyway... recently I took some pictures of a friend for her birthday. This was the "unoffical" shoot. We decided to explore some artsy stuff in Houston, and by default I began snapping pics. We still have to schedule the real one, although I think these are pretty good and I think she looks wonderful.  But... I had so much fun taking these shots and I'm itching to take some more!

She posted her favs on her blog, but here are mine:

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  1. Those are so fun! Great photos, and cute subject!