Do Something, Part II

Inspired by our senior signing day keynote speaker, the school has decided to encourage all of our high school students to do something this summer. They've mapped out guidelines to help them, but ultimately, it should be things that allow them to serve, grow, and become more of an impact on their communities and the world.

In the Fall, they'll have to share how they did something over the summer--in a blog, a video, a powerpoint/Prezi presentation, or in a trifold. I just volunteered to be a sample for a blog, so while I've been slacking on the blogging lately, you're all about to be seeing (reading?) a lot more of me over the summer and hopefully beyond.

I'll admit I'm a bit nervous to share this blog. I mean, it's personal. And for the most part, my personal life is very seperate from my professional life. And not that I truly air out all my laundry on the web, but over the last few years that I've been writing here I have shared my joys and sorrows, ponderings and new discoveries, with little inhibitons.

And now I'm about to open that up. Ah!!!

But, I'm doing it because I really am going to be doing quite a bit of somethings this summer! And I'm pretty excited about it all, so why not share?

On my summer "Do Something" List is...

  • Beginning my role as course leader: I just got offered the position to be co-course leader for 6th grade Social Studies next year. This means I get to help shape our curriculum, and I'm very excited about that. Once school ends, I have a lot of planning and work to do. And I get to go to a Middle School Pre-AP summer insititue at Rice University.
  • Summer Reading: I keep buying books. And I haven't read them all. And the pile of new books keeps growing. And I'm sure to buy some more new books. (What can I say, this addicition is a hard one to kick.) So, there should be tons of reading happening. My plan is to actually write some reviews about them like I used to do when I first started on this blog.
  • International Travel: Yup, that's right... last year it was Britian, France and Germany. This year it's Costa Rica and Ghana! Both trips are with students and so in a sense, I am "working." But this should be super, super fun. Plus, I've never been to either (and have always really wanted to go to Ghana since my mom was born and raised there, my dad used to preach there, and I hear it's just the model for West African nations).
I think it'll be a fun adventure. Hopefully whoever decided to follow along this summer isn't bored :-)

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