To Dallas, With Love

Dear Dallas,

For the past two years, you have been home.

At first, I wasn't sure if I would like you. After all, I was born and raised in Fort Worth. All my best memories revolved around that city--exploring the seminary on bikes, falling in love with education at Hubbard Heights Elementary, and even that one day my sisters, cousins and I were scared off the crackhead (or was it a pothead?) at Rosemont Middle School. And then, after returning from Nigeria, I came back to Fort Worth, becoming one of the first Scorpions at South Hills High School before migrating to Arlington to become a Bowie Volunteer. But Dallas...? You were always that far off place. The city that was part of my beloved metroplex (and which I often told people I was "from"), but that I never really felt a part of.

Until these last two year...

I came to you, six months out of getting my master's degree to work at the Dallas Morning News. It was a great summer, which officially kicked off my journey to be a grown-up, to be a professional. That summer ended with the real beginning of it all... my first real job as the editorial assistant for CURE magazine. My first real job. Yup, Dallas, you were my beginning. And for that, you will always be near and dear to my heart.

But you didn't just give me my beginning. You also gave me roots, again. Something I felt I had been missing since my senior year of high school. Something I felt like I had lost between going to Missouri my freshman year of college, then finishing off at A&M, then spending a year in Oklahoma, then 6 months in Houston, then a year in Chicago, and then six months in Houston... and then two years in Dallas. Before I got to you, I had kind of resigned myself to always being a nomad. Never being anywhere long enough to find a good church, make good friends, have a real life.

But these last two years have been amazing. I found a fabulous church in Fellowship Bible Church Dallas (and White Rock!). I made amazing girlfriends through Bible study. Made even more amazing friends through a weekly prayer meeting with a crazy bunch of Nigerians. Of everything I could be indebted to you for, the relationships I have made in this city are up at the top.

Within the good, Dallas also brought some bad. Losing my job, and spending the past year struggling each month to survive was tough. But that's where all those relationships became even better. Without the friendships that were forged here, I'm not so sure if I would have made it.

One great year, one not so great year... and now it's over. Now, I have to bid you goodbye.

Excited to be at YES!
While I am super excited about my new job, and this new beginning, as they say, "parting is such sweet sorrow."
It's empty!
I've been down in Houston for the last 3-4 weeks, but this is the weekend that Dallas offically can no longer be called home.

The U-Haul is all loaded up, the apartment is empty and cleaned out. And I can no longer pretend that this isn't happening.
Ready to Roll!

Dallas, you're no longer "home." But... they also say, "Home is where the heart is." And no matter where I go in this world, you will always have a special place in my heart. You will always be somewhere I call home. Thank you for everything.

With Love,

B :)

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  1. It's not really "goodbye", just "see you later", right?