It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

Last week I was offered a job.

Which, considering the fact I have been unemployed for nearly a year, I gladly accepted. Not to say I took the job JUST because I needed one... I'm actually very excited about the opportunity, and it's at such a great school (you're looking at the newest 6th grade social studies teacher!), and I'm already friends with one of my future co-workers. But even though I said yes, and promptly began celebrating, the reality of what this all means only began settling in today when....

... I got and signed my contract, all my hiring paperwork, and all the welcome e-mails and notifications that announced my status as an official employee!

... I went to get some boxes from a friend, and realized that I've already packed up most of my apartment and don't really need to box up too much more. :(

... I went in to my last day of tutoring at Huntington.

That's the one that probably hit me the most: Saying goodbye to the Huntington "family." I began working their in October, and loved every second of it. Even though I had been gone since May, I looked forward to coming back this week to work. And then... I got offered this job. And I realized I wouldn't be going back at all.

They worked me like mad this week, and I loved it! I didn't realize how much I missed building relationships with the kids. Helping them reach their learning goals. And just working with the staff there. And so, saying goodbye was tough, because I realized that unlike when I went to Nigeria for three weeks, and unlike when I thought I'd just be gone for six weeks while I worked for Teach for America.... I wouldn't be coming back.

They all gave me such a sweet farewell of hugs and Facebook friend requests and a sweet card, too!

I nearly cried reading this!

The fact that I'd be leaving Dallas didn't really hit home until that moment. Man, am I going to miss this city!

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