Reaching the Finish Line

April 29th. That will be my last day student teaching.

A part of me is really sad. And part of me is beyond excited.

I'm excited that I no longer have to divide my time and feel pulled in a million different directions. I'm excited that I don't have to spend eight hours a day teaching kids who are at times beyond unappreciative--especially with no pay. I'm excited to sleep in again, and catch up on all the shows I've been missing out on.

But on the flip side... I'll kind of miss all the teachers and the kids. I'll miss trying to think of creative ways of teaching things. I'll miss having something productive to do each day. I'll miss feeling like I mattered, and that I was contributing something to the world. I'll miss waking up knowing that there's a plan for each day and that this is what my life has been dedicated to.

Because on April 29th, it's back to the job hunt. It's back to be unsure of what's next, or my future... it's back to worrying.

Not that I haven't worried over the last three months of student teaching, but I was kept SO busy (which I'm sure you picked up on by my lack of posts) and have been so wiped out that I haven't really had time to worry too much. Plus, I had a "plan" for the three months and that was comforting enough.

Now I'm back to not knowing if I'll be teaching, writing, or homeless. Haha.

It's a whole new adventure on the horizon.

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