Give me more, give me more!

Right now there are two things I want badly: more time with my curly hair, and more time at the Dallas Arboretum.

I got my hair did over Spring Break (it was MUCH overdue) and the lady who did it gave me some gorgeous curls. Now, I've gotten curls before, and I enjoy the way I look with them. But, in a way it never felt natural. And it was also generally a long, tedious process to go through. So, I don't get curls often. Usually I save it for special occasions (or when I feel like paying the extra bucks to get it done). Well, these curls makes me want to have them everyday.

Probably not the best view,
but you get the idea..
Slightly better glimpse.

And she did it all with a flat iron. No curling iron, no roller, no straws... just a flat iron.

I need to learn this skill because, sadly, the curls are beginning to fall. They still look great--they've taken on this sweet waviness--but I'm not sure how much longer they'll last. Plus, I'm trying to dedicate to washing my hair every week (sometimes it stretches quite a bit further than that), so even if they don't fall on their own, they will get washed out this weekend.

And I have no clue how to recreate the look. I need to learn. Because, honestly, I kind of want it to be my permanent "look." That's how much I loved it.

I also fell in love with the Dallas Arboretum this week. The 4th grade went on a field trip today, and that was our destination. We learned about the Texas Pioneers and the types of lives they lived over the years. I took a lot of picture of the kids exploring the teepee, covered wagon, sod house... and they got to play with old-school farming plows, and pick and smell different plants.

After lunch, we took them back out through the park to just walk through the trees and flowers. Right now, the arboretum has these "fairytale castles" set up throughout. And you know how I am about fairytales... :)

I got the kids (or really, just the girls) to read the story synopsis in front of each castle. I thought they wouldn't be into it, but there were two castles I almost forgot to begin reading at, and they were quick to remind me! The stories were the original versions, so it was cute to see how confused they got when, for instance, in "The Little Mermaid," she doesn't get the guy, but "returns" to the sea with a broken heart. (In reality, she dies, but I think they were trying to keep it as light as possible without Disney-fying it.)

It was such a beautiful and peaceful place--even with the tons of people there. And there were cute cafes, and such soft green grass to go barefoot in (I forewent going barefoot, but the kids and my co-teacher went for it!). My co-teacher and I couldn't help but comment on how romantic it all was. Perfect place for a date. Or even just a "play day" for the family, whenever we each eventually have our own.

And when we got on the bus to head back to school, we discovered there was a lot more of the arboretum that we totally didn't even get to see!

Totally going back... and hopefully very soon!

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  1. Your hair is absolutely beautiful! I remember riding my bike by the arboretum, but I never went in. Glad you enjoyed it!