Should I take it that God is seriously smiling down on me and showing immense favor? Because I just got offered a job... following a pretty catastrophic interview experience.

Okay... maybe not entirely catastrophic, but it started out pretty roughly. And I was pretty certain that any chance I had at getting this job was shot to hell.

And yet, I got an offer.

However, now I'm unsure about accepting the offer. Does that make me ungrateful? Does that make me foolish since even getting the offer seemed like such a long shot?

Why is being an adult full of so many hard decisions?

I'm also a little bit unsure about doing my MFA. I have about a month to two months (depending on the schools) to get everything together for my applications. And I feel so... unprepared. That's a lot of money to invest if I'm not going to be able to put out my best.

But then again, maybe God will work His wonders and I'll get acceptance letters anyway. Even when I probably shouldn't have...

... just like this dang job offer.

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